Paying with Bitcoin now possible at McDonald’s in Switzerland

Thanks to a collaboration between Plan B Foundation and payment service provider GoCrypto, it will now be possible to make purchases using Bitcoin and/or Tether at several businesses in the Swiss city of Lugano. Among the businesses now accepting Bitcoin is McDonald’s, a large network of restaurants around the world. The city of Lugano plans to be the European hub for cryptocurrency.

Plan B Foundation and GoCrypto join forces to bitcoinize Lugano

The Swiss city of Lugano is increasingly building its stature as a European cryptocurrency hub. On October 4, payment service provider GoCrypto and Plan B Foundation announced a partnership to bring Bitcoin and Tether payments to Lugano. Through the partnership, GoCrypto payments will be available at nearly a dozen businesses, including McDonalds. Now, citizens can make payments in USDT and Bitcoin Lightning using their wallets.

We’ve been working together to make sure the technology infrastructure is in place to support cryptocurrency payments and today we’re seeing all that hard work come to fruition.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether

The city of Lugano’s plan to expand Bitcoin payments won’t just stop at the dozen businesses. Over the next 25 days, the city is looking to allow even more businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Plan B Foundation, spearheading Bitcoin adoption in Lugano

Plan B Foundation is a joint initiative of the city of Lugano and the technology company powering the USDT stablecoin Tether. This project aims to expand the adoption of Bitcoin and USDT stablecoin throughout the city. Earlier this year, Lugano and Tether signed a partnership to help local businesses integrate Bitcoin and Tether into their payment services.

By 2023, Plan B Foundation plans to enable more than 2,500 merchants to accept Bitcoin, Tether and other cryptocurrencies.

At the end of this month, Plan B Foundation will organize the Plan B Forum. This event will bring together nearly 2,000 world leaders, developers and entrepreneurs on October 28 and 29 in Lugana to discuss state adoption of Bitcoin, the economy, financial freedom and freedom of expression. This conference is open to the public.

Lugano is a dynamic city open to new technologies. Its citizens can pay their taxes in cryptocurrency. The city is even considering making Bitcoin a legal tender following the example of El Salvador. Curious to know how far this city will go in its adventure!