Burger King Paris, Refill your batteries with Bitcoin!

You live in Paris and you dream of paying your Whopper with cryptocurrencies? Well, sorry to disappoint you, we’re not there yet… BUT, you can now search for your battery with Instapower at Burger King by paying in cryptos thanks to Binance Pay and Alchemy Pay.

Burger King, Instapower and Alchemy Pay, a Combo for Crypto adoption.

Burger King Paris has decided to join forces with Instapower, the leader in portable battery charging, as well as with cryptocurrency payment providers Alchemy Pay and Binance Pay.

The result? Users can now rent batteries Instapower paying with cryptocurrencies at over 14,000 retail locations around the world. So, you’ll always have plenty of battery power to play your favorite blockchain game.

The partnership was welcomed by Yann Phu, the CEO of Flash Development, the company that distributes the machines Instapower in Europe.

This collaboration with Burger King Paris takes us to the next level in Europe.

Yann Phu, CEO of Flash Development

Indeed, although widely used in Asia, Instapower is still shy on the European market and this news with Burger King announces to everyone the conquest of Europe by Instapower and his desire to use new technologies.

Alas, it will still be necessary to wait a few months or years to be able to regulate its Whooper with BTC in the French capital…

Let’s note anyway that the fast food chains haven’t waited until 2023 to embrace cryptocurrencies. Giants like KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have already been exploring the possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies and NFTs for a while. Burger King, on the other hand, had even launched its own cryptocurrency, the “Whoopercoin” in Russia in 2017! A small step for Burger King, a big step for France in short. On that note, I leave you, I have a Whooper and its onion rings waiting for me.