CZ launches Giggle Academy, a new educational project away from crypto

The co-founder and former CEO of crypto exchange Binance has announced the launch of his educational project Giggle Academy. Through it, Changpeng Zhao hopes to enhance children’s access to education through fun, addictive and free learning. The announcement of this non-crypto executive comes as CZ awaits sentencing in the US for its management of Binance.

CZ committed to education for all with Giggle Academy

For several years, Changpeng Zhao has been a leading figure in the crypto ecosystem. Just through his simple tweets, CZ could influence the course of events in the ecosystem according to some players. Today, he seems to be distancing himself from the crypto sector and devoting himself to other interests.

Indeed, Cannounced the launch of its educational project Giggle Academy. This initiative aims to strengthen access to basic education for all, thanks to free and adaptive learning games. The project is still in its early stages. Giggle Academy has just added an account on platform X and does not yet have a logo. CZ is recruiting a small team to work alongside him to implement the project.

Is Changpeng Zhao preparing for prison in the US?

Officially, the Giggle Academy project is a charity of Changpeng Zhao. He says so himself. According to a document posted on the project site CZ sees Giggle Academy a way for him to have a positive impact on humanity. For the former Binance CEO, educating as many people as possible is a way of combating all the other major scourges undermining our society.

I could try to fight corruption, world hunger, climate change and so on. But I have no expertise in this field. My effectiveness will be low. I believe that as more people become better educated, they will indirectly contribute to solving these problems.


However, the Giggle Academy and the timing of its announcement suggest that the former CEO of Binance is preparing for a bleak future. The former CEO of Binance is awaiting sentencing in the USA and faces up to 18 months in prison. Proof that the case is serious: CZ is under house arrest in the USA and cannot leave American territory. Recently, he even offered his $4.5 billion stake as collateral to go to the United Arab Emirates but the American authorities objected.

On the other hand, Binance did not remain intact. The exchange had to pay a colossal fine to continue operating in the USA. Some American states have even banned the platform.

For the moment, Giggle Academy is in its infancy. Very little information is known about the project. It will be interesting to see how it develops over time and, above all, whether it can withstand any imprisonment by CZ. By the way, will learning on this new tool offer knowledge related to blockchain and cryptos?