USA, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. holds $250,000 in Bitcoin!

An unexpected revelation highlights an inconsistency in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s previous statements. Although he claimed not to invest in cryptocurrencies, the Democratic candidate for the US presidency actually owns between $100,000 and $250,000 in Bitcoin. This discovery places him among the most influential political figures in the world of Bitcoiners.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. owns $250,000 in Bitcoin!

Bitcoin enthusiast Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is faced with a startling revelation that calls his past claims into question. Despite his multiple claims that he was not a crypto investor, recent documents reveal otherwise.

A financial report filed on June 30 reveals that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. holds between $100,000 and $250,000 in bitcoin. However, details of the date of acquisition and the initial amount invested are not specified in the report.

This revelation comes at a crucial time in the 2024 US presidential race, when cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are playing an increasingly important role. Candidates’ positions on these issues are essential to attract voters.

Kennedy has always expressed his support for Bitcoin and the individual freedom to manage his own investments. In a June 2023 interview with New York Post, he had even declared that if elected president in 2024, his administration would implement Bitcoin-friendly policies.

Following publication of the article by CNBC on the financial disclosure report, the Kennedy campaign contacted the media for clarification. According to them, the cryptocurrency investment actually belongs to the wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and that the presidential candidate is not involved in her investment decisions.

This revelation raises questions about the veracity of previous statements by Kennedy. Its impact on his campaign and his image among crypto-enthusiast voters is still uncertain.