Ron DeSantis to protect Bitcoin (BTC) once US President!

Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida, is known for his resolute opposition to the digital currency issued by the US central bank. His recent statement leaves no doubt as to his position. While regulators continue to crack down on crypto companies, DeSantis is presenting himself as a defender of this battered industry. In a Twitter Space, just as he announced his candidacy for the 2024 US presidency, he made it clear that everyone has the right to use Bitcoin as they wish.

Ron DeSantis will protect Bitcoin as President!

As he continues his fight against the CBDC (central bank digital currency), DeSantis expresses his disagreement with the decisions made by US regulators regarding the cryptocurrency industry.

Two days ago the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis participated in a Twitter Space with Elon Musk, attracting some 520,000 direct listeners. On this occasion, DeSantis announced his candidacy and highlighted several important points about Bitcoin.

Once in power, DeSantis committed to protect initiatives such as Bitcoin. While acknowledging the risks, he asserted that those interested in cryptocurrencies are discerning individuals who have the right to make their own decisions. DeSantis also stated that U.S. opposition to Bitcoin is motivated by its decentralized nature.

You have every right to adopt the Bitcoin. The only reason they don’t like it is because they can’t control it.

DeSantis statement

DeSantis strongly criticized those of Capitol Hill which he describes as “central planners” seeking by all means to exert control over cryptocurrency-related companies. According to him, Bitcoin represents a threat to them, hence their efforts to regulate it.

In reference to the SEC campaign against the crypto sector, DeSantis pointed out that Congress had never addressed this issue and that the “bureaucracy ” had arrogated to itself the power to regulate this sector, preventing players from operating freely.

The Biden regime: an opponent of Bitcoin!

DeSantis clearly underlines the conflict between the Biden regime and Bitcoin. In the event of Joe Biden in the next election, his regulatory policies are likely to deal a fatal blow to cryptocurrency in the country.

The U.S. presidential candidates have realized the importance of Bitcoin in the eyes of their fellow citizens.

At the recent Bitcoin 2023 conference, Democrat Robert Kennedy called the Bitcoin as symbol of democracy and freedom. Like DeSantis, he also criticized the Biden administration for his willingness to crack down on the cryptocurrency industry.

As the world begins to fully understand Bitcoin’s potential, hope for favorable change after Biden’s tenure is more nurtured than ever. Bitcoin is emerging as the real winner, and it’s time for its value and role in society to be fully recognized.