German MP launches Bitcoin training course for colleagues

German MP Joana Cotar has announced a series of Bitcoin training courses for her parliamentary colleagues. The training will be launched at the Bundestag next month. These training sessions should enable German policymakers to fully understand the impact of Bitcoin on society, in order to properly regulate this asset.

Launch of Bitcoin at the Bundestag

Bitcoin will soon be making its debut in the Bundestag, the German parliament. In a bid to raise awareness among German decision-makers of the impact of Bitcoin on society, and thus spur appropriate regulatory initiatives, the German Member of Parliament Joana Cotar, initiated a Bitcoin education sessions for German parliamentarians. The series of Bitcoin events will take place at the Bundestag and run throughout 2024.

Our aim is to provide you a comprehensive introduction to Bitcoin so that you can make more informed political decisions and, if necessary, formulate your own Bitcoin-related legislation.

Joana Colar

The launch of this Bitcoin training series in the Bundestag will take place on February 22, 2024. The session will be open to all MPs, regardless of their political party or level of understanding of Bitcoin. Members of parliament’s staff and ordinary citizens can also take part in the training. All you need to do is register via form or by mgarlic.

Bitcoin in everyday politics

For the launch program, the MP Joana Cotar has taken the trouble to select two tempting and topical themes. The first, devoted to “Bitcoin and politics” will explain why Bitcoin needs to be understood by politicians. It will be presented by Roman Reher, Bitcoin expert and founder of Blocktrainer.

The second theme will focus on the economic and ecological opportunities that Germany can derive from Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining’s ability to harness unused energy resources as in Africa, to the advantages that local businesses can gain by adopting Bitcoin, all will be explained by Kristian Klager, Bitcoin expert attached to Terahash Energy.

The Bitcoin education initiative aimed at policymakers is a good approach to stimulating healthy regulation of the crypto ecosystem. In many countries, political decisions on Bitcoin are sometimes inappropriate and detrimental to the population. We still remember Nigeria, which, to the detriment of its citizens, fought against Bitcoin in 2021, to unsuccessfully promote his CBDC before change his mind afterwards. Thanks to MP Joana Colar’s educational program, German politicians shouldn’t make these kinds of mistakes.