Bitcoin Education Center Opened in South Africa

At the initiative of Bitcoin Ekasi, a South African project aimed at building a local economy based on Bitcoin, a financial education center opened in the country last week. The Bitcoin Ekasi Center allows the local community, including children and youth, to access educational content about finance and Bitcoin. The Center was set up with the collaboration of Paxful and Built With Bitcoin (BWB).

Bitcoin education open to all

A financial education center called Bitcoin Ekasi Center has opened in South Africa. It is an initiative of Bitcoin Ekasi, a South African project aimed at developing a local Bitcoin-based economy. Paxful and Built With Bitcoin helped set up the center.

The Bitcoin Ekasi Center offers educational programs for children/youth and seniors. Last week already, about 20 young people started lessons under the guidance of Ms. Nomsa.

This experienced local teacher started with basic math and English classes. She will then continue her program by teaching finance. Through the collaboration with The Surfer Kids, Bitcoin Ekasi Center also plans to provide recreational activities through surfing for the children.

The Bitcoin Ekasi Center also offers training for adults and traders. They will essentially learn what Bitcoin is, how it works and why it is important. Luthando Ndbambi, one of the Bitcoin Ekasi project leaders, will facilitate these adult Bitcoin trainings.

Strengthening local education to democratize Bitcoin

The inauguration of the center was highly praised by the three main carriers of the project. All of them strongly believe that this center will strengthen the adoption of Bitcoin at the grassroots level. Hermann Vivier, co-founder of Bitcoin Ekasi, who says he has “witnessed financial empowerment through Bitcoin” hopes the center can “inspire the community to perceive money differently.”

Paxful, which works to facilitate access to Bitcoin through peer-to-peer exchanges, welcomed the establishment of the Bitcoin Ekasi Center. Ray Youssef, founder and CEO of Paxful, believes that in communities where access to banking services is very limited, Bitcoin provides a credible alternative. He hopes that the center will enable the community to understand the purpose of Bitcoin and to acquire it.

For the millions of people without access to banks and credit, bitcoin is a real solution… That’s why local education is vital and why Paxful is committed to the purpose of bitcoin over its price. I am immensely grateful to partner with Bitcoin Ekasi and bring us one step closer to Bitcoin for the 100%.

Ray Youssef, founder and CEO of Paxful

The CEO of Paxful posted a first video of the Bitcoin Ekasi Center on Twitter. He said he was proud to support “young people who will change the world with Bitcoin”.

For his part, Yusuf Nessary, co-founder and director of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, hopes that the Bitcoin Ekasi Center will empower the local community to take control of their financial future. For him, Bitcoin is an opportunity and a chance in life. Teaching it will surely improve people’s lives, he believes.

Bitcoin Ekasi is heavily involved in promoting Bitcoin in South Africa. Through this project, a dozen local businesses have integrated Bitcoin as a means of payment. The Bitcoin Ekasi Center will surely push the awareness of Bitcoin in South Africa even higher. Hopefully, with better regulation, similar projects will emerge in other parts of Africa.