Bybit launches TradeGPT, its AI model for Trading

Bybit, a titan in the cryptocurrency market, is set to revolutionize the trading world. With its newly launched AI-powered assistant, TradGPT, the platform pledges to deliver real-time market insights to traders.

The Dawn of a New Trading Era, Bybit Introduces TradGPT

The trading landscape is in upheaval thanks to the revolutionary initiative of Bybit. The exchange has unveiled last week its latest product, TradeGPT.

TradeGPT is profiled as an AI-based educational tool, exploiting the generative capacity of ChatGPT and ToolsGPT, a previous tool launched by ByBit. The exchange had, in fact, inaugurated ToolsGPT last June, capitalizing on the expertise of ChatGPT to provide in-depth financial analysis and insights based on market trends.

The aim of TradeGPT is simple: provide real-time market analysis and answer user queries, all in several languages.

For Bybit, the goal goes beyond simply providing services. The platform aims to become a guide, particularly for those new to the crypto sector.

Ben Zhou, Bybit‘s CEO, believes that the integration of ChatGPT signifies a steadfast commitment to empowering users to make well-informed decisions.

This venture into artificial intelligence marks a pivotal moment in trading dynamics. It’s crucial to note, however, that Bybit isn’t sailing these waters alone. Industry heavyweights like and Binance have already laid similar groundwork. Moreover, Elliptic, a leader in cryptocurrency risk management, has also adopted ChatGPT into its operational framework.