Elliptic integrates ChatGPT to detect crypto threats

Cryptocurrency risk management company Elliptic recently announced the integration of ChatGPT into its operations to improve cryptocurrency threat detection.

Elliptic integrates ChatGPT for enhanced risk detection

Elliptic, a company specializing in cryptocurrency risk management and assessment, is committed to constantly improving its work, as evidenced by their latest announcement.

In a press release published on Thursday June 1st, Elliptic announced the integration of ChatGPT to its operations to enhance its ability and speed in identifying new risks.

Thanks to this combination of human and artificial intelligence, Elliptic will be able to analyze larger volumes of data and identify risks more quickly and accurately.

According to Jackson Hull, the Technical Director of Elliptic, the ntegration of ChatGPT offers a unique perspective on the risks associated with the cryptocurrency industry. Since Elliptic have a specific need to understand the risks to which they are exposed, ChatGPT will be able to provide them with accurate and reliable information.

Our customers come to us to find out exactly what their risk exposure is. Integrating ChatGPT allows us to extend our intelligence, giving our customers a view of risk they can’t get anywhere else.

Jackson Hull, Technical Director of Elliptic

Numerous companies and projects have already adopted the use of artificial intelligence in their operations. However, it is essential to be aware of the challenges associated with the use of this technology, particularly regarding the accuracy of the answers provided.