Boss Beauties NFT, women power is not dead – Coinstory#2

From Snoop Doggy Dogg to Paris Hilton, non-fungible tokens (or NFT) have been the big revelation of this latest crypto bull run. This market representing a whopping $40 billion in cryptocurrency continues to find applications and attract more and more users to acquire these digital assets. Today Coinstory presents you the Boss Beauties project, the NFT project that uses blockchain to show that women power is not dead, quite the contrary.

Boss Beauties, an NFT collection out of the ordinary?

A collection to finance the girl power

Boss Beauties is a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens that Coinpri had already told you about. Yes, this collection of assets with a feminist comic book visual is the first NFT of the famous Instagram platform!

Before being a collection of NFT, Boss Beauties is an ideal, a movement created 10 years ago by Lisa Mayer to help the emancipation of women. A movement which already helped the rights of women, thousands of women in the gender-equality fight.

But why this name? Well, to highlight women in all their splendor, both literally and figuratively, since the company also has a collection of fashion t-shirts, all bathed in a very smiley and optimistic universe: WAGMI!

Boss Beauties NFT aims at the same goal but targeting the Z generation through a collection showing women with very high professional positions in sectors as prestigious as engineering, science, research, mathematics.

Positions more frequently attributed to men, clichés and inequalities that the collection wants to get rid of.

A spectacular sell-out

Putting forward its ambitions, it is with an important community support that the collection is launched on September 25, 2021. What to say except that this one was a victim of its success, as evidenced by its mint sold out in less than an hour. Today you can get your Boss Beauties NFT for about 0.53 ETH (floor price) on, the reference sales platform for NFTs.

The funds raised by the sale and by the royalties allow the company to continue to defend this ideology by increasing the size of its workforce and by financing opportunities for women through actions directed to this end. But for Boss Beauties, the decentralized adventure was just beginning…

From Wall Street to the UN to Eva Longoria

Lisa Mayer‘s collection can indeed boast of being the first NFT collection presented by the New York Stock Exchange with a direct window on the Wall Street economy.

The collection is starting to get noticed by celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria and Olympic champion Allyson Felix.

The famous interpreter of Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives, who owns Boss Beauties NFT #5253, has also helped the collection to grow.

Its influence reached its peak on March 8th during the celebration of International Women’s Day, when the United Nations (UN) chose its NFT collection entitled Role Models in collaboration with Cathy Hackl and 5th Element Group to be displayed to celebrate this historic moment.

This new collection featured 25 powerful women such as Cleopatra, Frida Kahlo, Grace Hopper, Joan of Arc, and Princess Lady Di.

Mother and businesswoman, one does not prevent the other

Looking through the many tweets of her CEO’s collection, one can really observe the desire to give power back to women. A power that they retain even when they become mothers. As evidenced by a tweet from Lisa Mayer stating:

I brought my baby to remind women that they can be anything they want to be.

Lisa Meyer, CEO Boss Beauties NFT

The CEO of the feminist collection asserts herself as a woman who is 100% committed to her life as a mother, her life as a businesswoman, and her position as CEO of a successful company. A company that continues to build strong partnerships…

The movement is growing, so are the partnerships!

“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world”

The success story of the collection continues and Lisa Mayer realizes on March 12 a partnership with Mattel and its famous Barbie doll.

A closer look reveals a female astronaut. This doll made in collaboration with Barbie, is intended to show a strong, ambitious woman who can achieve any of her goals without limits.

Barbie being a key toy for little girls (ed. note: and little boys), this subliminal message is an anchor defending this principle for the next generations of girls playing with dolls. Sigmund Freud, get out of that body!

Boss Beauties Assemble

As if Barbie wasn’t enough, the company has also partnered with Marvel to focus on superheroines on screen.

An on-screen exposure that is expected to gain even more momentum after the recent release of Miss Marvel on the Disney+ streaming platform and with the upcoming Captain Marvel. Ironically, one superheroine came to the aid of the collection: the British justice!

Boss Beauties NFT case law!

It all started with a theft last March. Lavinia Osbourne, the founder of Women in Blockchain Talks, claims that two digital works from the Boss Beauties NFT collection were stolen from her hot wallet. A complaint is filed by the owner with the British justice. A justice that decided to recognize the NFTs in the United Kingdom as goods and therefore having an intellectual property right, thus allowing to launch an action against the auction platforms hosting the stolen NFTs.

As a result of this action, the purchase and resale transactions of the ill-gotten NFTs were blocked. This is the first step in the global adoption and assimilation of NFTs into a legislative framework.

We will not hear the last of NFTs. We will always find a use for them as here: to participate in the emancipation of women by showing them that they can be what they want. Some fiascos like the one of the fake tickets of the Champions League final (UEFA) could have been avoided thanks to NFT. Indeed, tickets in the form of NFT could be welcome at future events to avoid their forgery and avoid other disappointments to UEFA.

Snoop Dogg even impersonated his BAYC (Bore Ape Yatch Club) NFT during a concert with Eminem at a Death Row Records concert for Apefest. Do you think NFTs are a fad, a speculation or do you see them as the future of unfalsifiable digital property?