Trust Wallet Alerts on IMessage Security Flaw

Trust Wallet, a crypto wallet provider, is warning Apple users about a possible Zero Day exploit targeting iMessage, which could compromise users’ phones and steal cryptos without even requiring a click on a link.

iMessage, a gateway for hackers? Trust Wallet sounds the alarm

This Tuesday, April 16, Trust Wallet launched an alert on the X platform, warning iOS users of a potential Zero Day security flaw targeting iMessage.

According to the company, this high-risk exploit would be sold on the Dark Web for the colossal sum of 2 million dollars. Eowyn Chen, Trust Wallet CEO shared a screenshot of the alleged offer to back up these claims.

The company points out that this vulnerability could allow hackers to take control of iPhones without the user even clicking on a malicious link. Holders of crypto wallets would be particularly targeted.

Trust Wallet recommends that all iMessage users disable this feature as soon as possible to protect themselves against this threat.

However, some industry experts cast doubt on the veracity of this alert. Beau, a blockchain researcher, questioned the credibility of the information put forward by Trust Wallet, emphasizing the absence of tangible proof of such a feat. He also warns of the damage that could be caused by unwarranted panic.

In the face of criticism, the company clarified that its information came from its security team and partners, who constantly monitor potential threats.

A threat to be taken seriously?

Despite the doubts expressed by some experts, it’s always best to take a cautious approach when it comes to the security of your digital assets.

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iMessage users holding crypto wallets are therefore advised to remain vigilant and consider additional protective measures, such as using reliable and robust solutions to safeguard their digital assets.

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