Friend.Tech Users Targeted by Hacker Attack

Over the past weekend, users of the well-known Friend.Tech app were targeted in a series of SIM Swap attacks, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency while Friend.Tech’s code was not compromised.

The Friend.Tech users victims of SIM Swap attacks

The recently launched social media platform, Friend.Tech has been dazzling success attracting over 100,000 users in less than two weeks after its appearance on the market.

However, this success unfortunately attracted the attention of malicious people, and the last weekend was the scene of nightmares for many users of Friend.Tech.

They were the target of a series of SIM Swap attacks in which the hackers managed to steal thousands of dollars in crypto.

Note that Sim Swapping is a form of scam that involves intercepting a user’s SMS messages from a third-party SIM card.

$70,000 stolen from user accounts

The Friend.Tech code itself was not compromised. However, the security of users who had associated their accounts with their real phone numbers was severely compromised.

At least two Friend.Tech users were targeted by these attacks, suffering a total loss of 42 ethers (ETH), worth around $70,000 at current exchange rates.

One of these users shared his experience on Twitter, highlighting the fact that the public exposure of his phone number facilitated the attack.

Users also highlighted that the crooks, in addition to draining their accounts, managed to access sensitive personal information. It’s a reminder of just how skillful hackers are, able to reach us even through data we might consider minor. So be always careful on social networks.