EULAR Finance hacker offers 100 ETH to a victim and Lazarus

A few days after hacking the Eular Finance protocol and stealing more than $200 million, a hacker sent 100 Ethereum (ETH) to a victim who had contacted him. During the hack, the lucky victim lost 78 Ethereum (ETH) which represented all his savings. The EULAR Finance hacker also sent 100 ETH to the North Korean hacker group Lazarus.

Compassionate hacker returns 100 ETH to his victim

It’s an unbelievable, but true story. The hacker of the decentralized finance protocol Eular Finance seems to be sensitive to the fate of some of his victims. Indeed, he sent 100 Ethereum (ETH) to one of the victims of the Eular Finance protocol hack. This is the equivalent of nearly $166,000 at the time of writing. During the hack, however, the victim had lost 78 Ethereum (ETH) or the equivalent of $130,000. 

The hacker’s attention was drawn to the victim’s situation. In a public message, the victim informed the hacker that his 78 Ethereum (ETH) lost during the hack of the Eular Finance protocol represented all his savings. He then urged the hacker to return even 80% or 90% of the lost amount. In response, the hacker returned the 78 Ethereum (ETH) and a gift of 22 Ethereum (ETH)

Please consider giving me back 90% or 80%. I’m just a user who only had 78 ETH as my life savings, I’m not a whale or a millionaire. You can’t imagine the mess I’m in right now, I’m completely destroyed.

Message from the victim to the hacker. 

EULAR Finance hacker sends 100 ETH to Lazarus Group

Beyond the transaction of 100 ETH to a victim, the hacker of EULAR Finance was noticed by another amazing gift. Indeed, the Wallet linked to the EULAR Finance hack sent 100 ETH to Ronin Bridge. The address of the mysterious Ronin Bridge is none other than Lazarus, a hacker group linked to North Korea.

Lazarus is accused of being behind the recent hack of Axie Infinity’s Ronin network in March 2022. This group of hackers is under sanction by the United States and South Korea.

Does this transaction mean that the EULAR Finance hacker is a member of Lazarus Group? It is impossible to know at this time.

Eular Finance still looking for the hacker 

The decentralized finance protocol Eular Finance was hacked on March 13, resulting in the loss of $200 million. Since the hack, the Eular Finance protocol has been working to find the hacker and the stolen funds. 

Eular Finance first offered the hacker to return only 90% of the stolen funds. This deal would allow him to quietly earn 20 million dollars. The hacker remained unmoved by the offer, forcing Eular to move up a gear. Eular contacted the American and British authorities to find the hacker. A $1 million reward is available if you have information leading to the hacker. 

This case reminds every crypto investor of the crucial importance of strengthening security and diversification. One should always keep in mind that DeFi protocols are very vulnerable to hacks. Furthermore, diversification of assets and protocols should always be the order of the day for crypto investors. It is better to keep your assets in a wallet and secure them than to leave them lying around on an exchange.