Do Kwon back behind bars in Montenegro

In a surprising turn of events, the legal problems of Do Kwon, former CEO of TerraForm Labs, are gaining momentum. After being released for a few days on bail set at $400,000, he was once again incarcerated in Montenegro, this time for four months.

Do Kwon, back in prison for falsifying documents

The case Do Kwon continues to surprise. Although a court initially refused his request for release, a recent decision by the Montenegrin court allowed the release of Do Kwon and its financial director, Han Chang-joon in exchange for bail.

The Do Kwon case still holds surprises. While a court had initially refused their request for release a recent decision by the Montenegrin court led to the release of Do Kwon, CEO of TerraForm Labs and its CFO, Han Chang-joon, through the payment of $400,000 bail.

At last Friday’s judicial hearing, Do Kwon vigorously denied accusations of document falsification. He asserted with conviction that his Costa Rican passport, which he had held for years, was genuine and that there was no reason to question it. He also denied any political connection with Milojko Spajić, leader of the Europe Now party in Montenegro.

However, the senior judge of the Basic Court of Montenegro has clearly lost patience with the denials of the CEO of TerraForm Labs. Unequivocal, he was declared guilty of falsifying documents this monday, June 19.

Consequently, Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon were transferred to a general prison in Montenegro, where they will serve a four-month sentence.

A shocking revelation about the mystery of passports

The hearing revealed interesting information about the actions of Do Kwon. The latter reportedly expressed his intention to to participate in a golden passport program, which would enable him to obtain his Costa Rican passport... However, the program turned out to be a fraud. Do Kwon now claims not to remember the name of the Chinese company involved.

What’s even more disturbing is that Do Kwon allegedly acquired Belgian and Costa Rican passports from various agencies recommended by respected acquaintances. During his arrest as he was about to board a plane bound for Dubai, a forged Costa Rican passport was discovered. These revelations hint at the existence of other secrets and mysteries surrounding Do Kwon. Previous information also revealed that Do Kwon had planned all these events, even paying his lawyers in advance. Clearly, this case is far from resolved, and the future will certainly bring new surprises.