CryptoQueen, the CEO of Onecoin Scam Died in 2018 (?)

According to a Bulgarian media citing a report by a police officer, Ruja Ignatova, the founder of the crypto scam Onecoin was murdered in 2018. Nicknamed Cryptoqueen, Ruja Ignatova was one of the ten most wanted people in the world by the FBI for defrauding nearly $4 billion through its Onecoin crypto scam. His companions in crime are in prison in the United States.

CryptoQueen died in 2018 says BIRD

What happened to Ruja Ignatovathe most wanted woman in the world and for the arrest of which the FBI was ready to offer a $100,000 reward? The founder of the crypto scam onecoin Ruja Ignatova died in November 2018 informed the Bulgarian investigative media Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data (BIRD).

In his investigation report, the BIRD let it be known that the nicknamed CryptoQueen had been killed on a boat in the Ionian Sea on the orders of a drug trafficker. The body of Ruja Ignatova was then dismembered and thrown into the water. This information was obtained from a report by a police officer found at the home of a certain Lyubomir Ivanov. The latter is a chief of the Bulgarian criminal police killed on March 25, 2022 in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Ruja Ignatova is infamous in the crypto ecosystem. Nicknamed Cryptoqueenthis woman was the basis of Onecoin crypto scam created in 2014. Onecoin in particular caused the loss of more than 4 billion dollars for its nearly 3 million users. Last appeared publicly on October 25, 2017, Ruja Ignatova has been living in total secrecy ever since. Despite its registration on the list of 10 most wanted personalities in the world by the FBI or the promise of a donation of 100,000 dollars to anyone who provides information leading to his arrest, Ruja Ignatova was still nowhere to be found.

Reactions from the Bulgarian authorities

To verify the accuracy of the results of its investigation, the BIRD contacted several Bulgarian authorities. The aim was to collect official information on the alleged murder of Ruja Ignatova. If several authorities have not complied with the request of the BIRD the prosecutor’s office reacted.

In a letter addressed to the BIRD, Hristo Krastev, Deputy Sofia City Prosecutor said the prosecutor’s office is aware of the document on the murder of Ruja Ignatova. Nevertheless, he doubts its authenticity, because it is not signed and does not contain any indication of its author. For this fact, the prosecutor dismisses him and does not carry out any preliminary investigation into the alleged murder of Ruja Ignatova. Nothing is definitive all the same, because the investigation is a dynamic process. If new evidence is collected, a new investigation will be carried out, he reassures.

They do not constitute a document, insofar as there is no data on their author, do not bear signatures and do not represent a specific written declaration of will of a specific natural person.

Hristo KrastevDeputy Sofia City Prosecutor

The band behind Onecoin completely neutralized?

If the information about the murder of Ruja Ignatova were to be confirmed, this would be a blow to the gang behind the crypto scam Onecoin. Indeed, several masterminds behind this scam have already been arrested. The co-founder of onecoin, Karl Greenwood has been in US custody since 2018. He has acknowledged the facts of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering in connection with the scam Onecoin. He risks up to 60 years in prison.

Recently it is Gilbert Armenta, cryptoqueen ex boyfriend Ruja Ignatovabeen sentenced to 5 years in prison. He is accused of helping his former girlfriend Ruja Ignatova To launder $300 million from OneCoin.

The 3 million victims of the Onecoin scam will likely never find their funds valued at $4 billion. It’s a stark reminder that in the crypto industry, you have to learn and exercise caution before you invest. If there is one thing that aggrieved investors can really rejoice in, it is to see their executioners stuck, let this serve as a lesson to the scammers!