Certik reveals hacking of Arbitrum developer’s Discord account

While the ARB Token AirDrop continues to generate excitement on the web, Arbitrum receives an unfortunate piece of news from blockchain analytics firm Certik. Indeed, the latter reports that the Discord account of one of Arbitrum’s developers has been hacked, allowing scammers to communicate by email with investors.

Developer gets his Discord account hacked during Arbitrum airdrop

On Saturday, March 25, the blockchain analytics company Certik warned Arbitrum of a probable phishing attack. According to Certik, the scammers would have spread a fake link from the Arbitrum Discord server. This attack occurred while Layer 2 was celebrating with its community.

The scammers reportedly used the Discord account of an Arbitrum developer to post a fraudulent ad with a link to an unknown website. The message sent by the hackers offered investors the opportunity to get an additional stake in the Arbitrum DAO.

To better deceive investors, the hackers presented this scam as a solution to the problems encountered during the initial token claim campaign. This underhanded manipulation is similar to a Trojan horse, whose objective is to trick users into providing sensitive information.

However, as with any phishing attempt, the spelling used for the Arbitrum Blockchain was incorrect. The supporting URL was spelled “Arbtirum”which made it difficult to detect the fraud.

The link in the email led directly to a fraudulent site requesting personal information from investors.

As a result, the security company Certik called on investors not to click on any links until the Blockchain Arbitrum has confirmed that it has regained control of the hacked server.

It should be noted that the DAO Arbitrum has generously rewarded its community with a substantial Airdrop. Indeed, about one billion tokens were distributed during the launch on March 23rd.

Pirates apologize for their action!!!

After having read the alert message from the company Certikthe journalists of Cointelegraph conducted the investigation.

According to their investigations, the link provided by the Arbitrum hacker leads to nothing more than an empty website displaying a single word in Arabic: “Astaghfirullah”, which can be translated into French as “May God forgive me” or “I ask God for forgiveness”.

Although the hackers set up a sophisticated scam to trick investors, their attempt was fortunately discovered thanks to the vigilance of security firm Certik. This situation is a reminder of the importance of paying attention to details and being wary of suspicious links. It is also recommended to protect your private keys by using security solutions such as Ledger to avoid the risk of financial insecurity.