80,000 worth of Bitcoin stolen from BNB Chain

A theft of almost $80,000 in Bitcoin has rocked the BNB Chain, the blockchain of the giant Binance. But far from a classic attack, this exploit raises questions about the hacker’s real motivations.

The crypto ecosystem shaken by a new exploit

The BNB Chain, the blockchain developed by the world’s leading crypto exchange platform, Binance, made the object of a mysterious $80,000 Bitcoin exploit on Tuesday, May 28According to the cybersecurity company Cyvers, several suspicious transactions led to the misappropriation of these funds, via an as yet unidentified smart contract.

While the amount may seem modest in the face of recent massive thefts, the circumstances intrigue experts and cast doubt on the hacker’s real motivations.

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According to Cyvers, several clues suggest that he could be an “ethical hacker “or white hat hacker. The attacker reportedly received funding via Tornado Cash, a mixing service popular with malicious actors, before interacting with Binance.

This is surprising behavior, to say the least, from a seasoned hacker, who generally prefers to stay in the shadows of decentralized platforms to cover his tracks. According to Cyvers, these movements would indicate a potential “white hat action” aimed at exposing security flaws. However, until now, the identity and motivations of the BNB Chain remain a complete mystery.

Yet this scenario stands in stark contrast to the recent major cyberattacks that have rocked the crypto ecosystem. Last month, Gala Games was the victim of a massive $23 million robbery before the pirate’s wallet was finally frozen and the funds returned.

Faced with this mysterious exploit, several hypotheses emerge: a simple test before a large-scale offensive? Or an insidious new tactic aimed at more modest loot to fly under the radar? Whatever the case, it’s once again the users who are paying the highest price. To safeguard your digital assets, adopt a high-security cold wallet like those offered by DCent is the best protection against this kind of threat!