Salesforce Partners with Polygon to Create NFT Programs 

Popular customer relationship management software company, Salesforce, has partnered with Polygon Labs to launch an innovative Web3 platform. This platform will allow enterprise customers to create and deploy trusted and durable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon Blockchain. In addition, Salesforce Web3 will enable companies to create customized experiences that integrate both Web2 and Web3, providing a comprehensive approach to customer relationship management.

Salesforce and Polygon Offer a Web3 Opportunity for Enterprises

This Thursday, March 16, Ryan Wyattpresident of Polygon Labs, announced on its Twitter account the signing of a partnership with Salesforce one of the largest customer relationship management software companies. Mr. Wyatyou pointed out that this partnership will offer Salesforce customers the opportunity to create innovative loyalty programs based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the Polygon blockchain.

In an article published on his blog, Salesforce also confirmed that its Web 3 platform allows its corporate clients to create and trade NFTs on a secure blockchain platform. The company further pointed out that NFTs represent a real opportunity for businesses to win new customers.

Salesforce finally launched its Web3 platform

Since 2018, Salesforce had announced its intention to offer Blockchain solutions to its customers, and it has finally succeeded in making this project a reality.

Through other partnerships, Salesforce has also launched NFT Management. This platform allows brands to create and evaluate the success of their NFT collections, while also experiencing the virtues of blockchain and Wallets from within the Salesforce interface.

We’ve seen a lot of interest from customers who want to understand and explore this world.


It is worth noting that Polygon has established successful partnerships with several well-known companies, such as Starbucks, Square Enix or Lotte Group.

With its expertise in blockchain, Polygon has helped companies develop Web3-based services and decentralized blockchains for advanced virtual reality experiences.

This partnership with Salesforce reinforces Polygon’s position as a leader in the blockchain industry and is a testament to its ability to support companies in their Web3 transition.