The Smurfs’ Society, they Smurf it!

The famous Smurfs were created in 1959 by the Belgian comic artist Peyo. Originally a simple comic strip for children, they have evolved over the decades and marked the pop culture. After several animated series and movies, here they are landing in the world of NFT and Blockchain with an exclusive game!

The Smurfs Society, a Smurfing Web3 game

Don’t worry, we are not going to present you the history of the Smurfs. No, we will rather see together what the project “The Smurfs’ Society” represents.

A great license means a great team

Our childhood was often smurfed by their stories… Today, who are the impresarios behind their new adventures?

The very experienced founding team is composed of :

  • Julien Romanetto, entrepreneur
  • Frédéric Montagnon, Business Angel and co-founder of the Arianee project
  • Cédric Hervet, artistic director of Daft Punk
  • Christophe Ménard, veteran entrepreneur
  • Sébastien Bastard, CTO
  • Jerem Febvre, veteran entrepreneur

In addition to these few names, about 20 people actively contribute to bring to life 200 different Smurfs and its international community, The Smurfs’ Society.

The team behind the project
The team behind the project

A community that has been able to launch and grow in a bear market context!

How did the collection manage to get off to a great start in the worst moment of our sector: the bear market? Because yes, for their launch, they chose a time when many blockchain projects decided to give up.

In just 10 weeks, they attracted over 86,000 wallets and generated 3.5 million transactions on the project’s Dapp (decentralized application) on Polygon!

The choice of this blockchain corresponds to the need to make frequent exchanges between the participants of the game, quickly and at low cost, while remaining accessible to the greatest number.

But then, what was their magic recipe to create excitement and gather around a new NFT initiative, while prices are at their lowest?

Mysteries and riddles to solve for investigators at heart

Riddles to solve
Riddles to solve

A system of quests to be solved by the whole community in a collaborative way was progressively unveiled, just to make the sauce go up! A particular care was brought to immerse us and make us dream, especially on the creative part, as much on the visual, the storytelling, as on the interactions between the players.

From the beginning, this NFT project has been different from the vast majority of others thanks to the emphasis on the community aspect around the puzzles.

The search for clues took place on Twitter but also in a much more original way on Lenster! This social network Dapp is the one based on Lens Protocol. This innovation in terms of communication and marketing makes it one of the first NFT projects to really seize the potential of a decentralized social network!

Lens X The Smurfs Society
Lens X The Smurfs Society

The participants of the game could win and discover in an interactive way the names of 200 Smurfs that will compose the legendary collection.

Of course, to reward the most daring, rewards in the form of NFT crystals can be unlocked. And these crystals are precious, because it is in fact… a whitelist!

These crystals can indeed be exchanged – for a cost (which varies according to rarity) – for an NFT Smurf from the legendary collection!

How to smurf the legendary collection?

But then, on which Blockchain will this famous collection be deployed? Well, on the Ethereum blockchain which is obviously still the reference despite a number of collections and an increasingly crucial exchange volume on Polygon. The total supply will be in line with the tradition of generative collections, 10,000 in total.

Of these 10,000 NFTs, 5,000 are from the game and the other half from the public sale, which represents 200 Smurf with 50 variations each.

We explained that each crystal will mint 1 Smurf from the legendary collection. Also, the Smurf in question is pre-determined and indicated by the name of the crystal, for example:

  • Zombie Smurf
  • Invisible Smurf
  • Smurfette
  • Poker Smurf
  • Lazy Smurf
  • Pirate Smurf
  • Poet Smurf

We can classify them in several categories:

And for the continuation, what do we Smurf?

  • March :
    • 28/03 & 29/03: Special sale of the “Hacker Smurf”.
  • April :
    • 05/04: Price Discovery Public Sale aka Bucket Auction
    • Mid-April: Access Crystal sale (mint Smurfs from the legendary collection with the crystal burn)
    • End of April: Special Public Sale: ??? (surprise)
  • May :
    • Reveal of the NFT, everyone will be able to discover the attributes and the look of the NFT
  • June :
    • Publication of the “Smurfs’ Society For Good” action plan to make a positive impact (WhitePaper)
    • Beginning of the DAO (decentralized organization), partnerships and more games…

The opinion of yours truly

In October 2022, when the project was still confidential, I had the opportunity to discuss with Christophe Ménard at the restaurant in Station F, where many startups have grown up. His experience, the team and the ambition of the project inspired me and gave me confidence even though I am used to meeting entrepreneurs.

Did I let myself be smurfed? No, because no matter how innovative the team is, a project always involves risks. Risks that have been brilliantly avoided for the moment, in a bear market.

Instead of giving up or waiting for better days, “The Smurfs’ Society” courageously launched itself with success! We at Coinpri wish them continued success.

I have enjoyed following the evolution of the project. And I strongly invite you to do the same (this is not an investment advice). Do not hesitate to send us your questions and have a good game !