Fungiball, the first Web3 game to create a women’s league in the world of fantasy tennis

Fungiball, the first fantasy tennis game in the Web3, is revolutionizing the world of e-sports by giving tennis fans a unique experience. In a world where women are often under-represented in video games, Fungiball is a pioneer in offering the first all-female league, paving the way for greater diversity and inclusion in the Web ecosystem3.

Note: This article is presented to you as part of a collaboration with Fungiball. Happy reading.

Fungiball, a fantasy tennis game on the blockchain

With its global popularity and almost a billion fans, tennis is a source of unparalleled fervor. Yet, despite this massive craze, female players are often pushed into a back seat in media coverage.

It is to revolutionize this state of affairs that Fungiball emerged in 2023 as a pioneer, creating the first ever blockchain fantasy tennis league entirely dedicated to female athletes.

Thanks to exclusive licensing agreements signed with more than 250 professional players, Fungiball is already the go-to reference for next-generation fantasy tennis.

But Fungiball doesn’t want to stop in such a good way. Beyond capitalizing on the immense popularity of tennis, the project nurtures the ambition to promote the place of women in the still very masculine ecosystem of the Web3. How? You’ll soon know with Coinpri.

Unique Cards to Create Your Own Champion

Concretely,Fungiball is a play-to-earn game on the Polygon blockchain that allows players to create their own virtual tennis player avatar. Users collect digital cards representing the real skills of professional tennis players.

With more than 250 licensed players, including world top 50 members such as Jessica Pegula or Alexander Zverev, Fungiball is the undisputed leader in fantasy tennis.

The concept is based on these famous unique NFT cards, the “Fungiskills”, symbolizing the real abilities of real players like the devastating service of Isner or the champion mind of Nadal.

These cards are divided into 4 categories (Power, Service, Return, Mental) and 3 levels of rarity (Silver, Gold, Platinum).

By collecting them, you can assemble the best skills to create your own ultimate tennis champion. Your avatar will then be able to compete in weekly tournaments, with winnings both in the game and in real life: rare cards, MATIC, jerseys, tennis equipment, tickets for major tournaments, and even meetings with stars of the circuit!

If you have got it thanks to Coinpri, you can now create your account to start the adventure!

Inclusion of female players in the web3

In a web3 ecosystem that is still very masculine, Fungiball made its mark by dedicating an exclusive sale to the digital cards of women’s circuit athletes.

In February 2024, Fungiball held its first ever exclusive sale of female players’ cards, a first in the tennis-centric world of Web3. The event included 34 players’ cards from the world’s top 50, such as Ekaterina Alexandrova, Emma Navarro, Sofia Kenin or Leylah Fernandez.

The success was total, with more than 11,000 MATIC sales generated and 1,276 auctions recorded in just 48 hours. A total of 15 unique collectors have acquired these precious cards, the rarity of which is absolute.

Building on this resounding success, Fungiball confirms its status as a pioneer in the promotion of women’s tennis on the blockchain, a predominantly male universe until then.

An initiative that we can only welcome and support here at Coinpri. Other renowned champions are expected to join the catalogue soon.

From collection to competition: a clever virtual-real mix

Beyond the collection, the cards allow you to participate in weekly tournaments modeled on the real ATP and WTA circuits. Scores are calculated according to the actual performance of the champions each week.

The best competitors then win rewards both in the Fungiball universe (new cards, cryptocurrencies) and in real life, such as jerseys, tickets to tournaments or even the chance to meet their favorite player!

So, with each week of competition or “gameweek,” the top avatars of each tournament win exclusive prizes. And at the end of the annual season, general rankings assign large amounts of MATIC, rare NFT and VIP badges to the best.

So Fungiball is both an exciting game, a unique collection platform and a window into the real world of tennis. By opening its doors to women, the project affirms its desire to democratize fantasy tennis in the crypto and blockchain space.

The Fungiball Marketplace for its cards

Although the exclusive sale was a success, Fungiball does not intend to stop in such a good way. The platform has launched a secondary market for players to trade and resell their cards.

Through a lifetime royalty system, first-time card buyers will automatically receive 0.5% of the revenue generated by each future resale of their card, creating a lasting bond between players and athletes. And the sponsorship program will offer free cards to both sponsors and their referrals, encouraging the recruitment of new members.

With 1,900 registrants, 125,000 MATICs in sales volume and nearly 3,000 cards sold since its launch in December 2023, and renowned partners like Polygon, Fungiball is the reference in Tennis Fantasy.

As you saw it with Coinpri, with its new women’s league and its inclusive approach, Fungiball is a key player in the Web3 applied to tennis, finally giving the champions the place they deserve!