Saudi Celebrates its 297 Years of Existence with Metaverse

To mark the 297th anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom, the Saudi Ministry of Culture has launched an innovative metaverse that allows visitors to discover the country’s history and cultural heritage interactively.

Dive into the thousand-year history of Saudi Arabia with the Metaverse

To celebrate the founding of the Kingdom, the Ministry of Culture inaugurated “The Cultural Universe”, a metaverse dedicated to preserving and promoting the country’s heritage. This virtual reality experience plunges users into the heart of the kingdom’s thousand-year-old history.

Developed by droppGroup on the blockchain Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric and equipped with artificial intelligence, this metaverse allows visitors to walk through a 3D environment, retracing the major stages of Saudi history since the kingdom was founded by King Abdelaziz Al Saud in 1727.

They can thus walk freely on a virtual path, and explore the historical information presented on both sides, like in an interactive museum. As they approach scenes from the past, they trigger detailed audio commentaries, unfortunately, for the moment, only available in Arabic.

In addition to the story, the metaverse also includes areas dedicated to music, crafts, gastronomy and video games. Accessible on a wide range of digital media, it aims to be an inclusive showcase of Saudi national culture for a global audience.

A high-tech cultural revolution for growth

For the Ministry of Culture, this metaverse marks a “transformative moment” and the start of a Saudi “cultural revolution”, part of the country’s strategy to harness the latest technological innovations to boost its economy.

Like the Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, Saudi continues to position itself at the forefront of innovation in the Middle East. By leveraging its national cultural heritage through immersive experiences, Saudi Arabia projects a modern, dynamic image.