Paris Hilton partners with The Sandbox for Paris World

After launching her “Paris World” at Roblox, Paris Hilton is back at The Sandbox with a recently announced partnership. Far from being a “noobie” in the world of Blockchain, the famous jet-setter is gradually spreading her influence.

Paris Hilton, a pioneer of the metaverse?

Paris Hilton is no stranger to the world of Blockchain and has been interested in it for many years. Indeed, as early as 2016, she bought BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum). In 2021, she launched a collection of NFTs representing pets, soberly titled “Crypto Hilton” and “Ether Reum”. Surprised? It doesn’t stop there.

Just a few months ago, Paris Hilton was already celebrating the passage to the year 2022 in the Roblox metaverse. For the occasion, the famous jet-setter had created a virtual world on an island, inspired by her estate in Los Angeles. Those present were able to watch the (musical) performances of the American TV star. There was also the possibility to visit replicas of her estate in Beverly Hills, as well as her mansion.

Paris Hilton in Roblox
Paris Hilton in Roblox

The “Paris World” is certainly accessible for free to Roblox users. But it will be possible to buy clothes, skin, and other goodies through online micropayments, a bit like Fortnite. A nice marketing move.

Paris Hilton chose her partnership well because Roblox has 50 million active users (especially young teenagers) and its capitalization is over 50 billion dollars. The platform has of course taken advantage of the health situation to increase its number of users.

Paris Hilton does it again with The Sandbox

The famous blonde doesn’t stop there as she is now partnering with The Sandbox platform. Paris Hilton wants to extend her “Paris World” to other metaverse, and The Sandbox is a perfect choice.

“I am very excited to spread Paris World further into the metaverse. Together with my incredible partner The Sandbox, my team is working hard to build an incredible IRL (In Real Life) experience for my fans.”

Paris Hilton

Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox, shares his enthusiasm and said:

“We are thrilled to give a warm welcome to Paris Hilton, the queen of the metaverse. The Sandbox provides a creative space for anyone to let their imagination run wild, and Paris Hilton is building a glamorous fantasy world filled with virtual parties and various attractions from her world.”

Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox
Paris Hilton, Paris World soon in The Sandbox
Have you seen my beautiful car?

As a reminder, The Sandbox was originally created in 2011 by two Frenchmen (cocorico): Sebastien Borget and Arthur Madrid. They wanted to compete with Minecraft and they had a great success with 40 million downloads.

In 2018, they decided to move towards Blockchain and become a metaverse play to earn game. The game is built on the Ehtereum Blockchain. Players can create their own NFTs and can have associated rewards. Land can be purchased in this virtual world.

Metaverse, a growing phenomenon

Paris Hilton is not the only celebrity to enter the virtual world. There are many examples. We can mention, among others: Travis Scott and Ariana Grande on Fortnite or Lil Nas X on Roblox who have each given live virtual concerts.

Travis Scott's virtual live concert on Fortnite
Concert virtuel live de Travis Scott sur Fortnite

Also, big brands (especially in the luxury sector) are starting to interfere in the metaverse. Think for example of Nike, Lacoste, or LVMH. At the same time, brands from the web3 are starting to appear, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, whose “Otherside” metaverse has caused a stir.

As you can see for yourself, Paris Hilton is just one of many figures investing in the metaverse. The metaverse is a new world, filled with incredible opportunities for those who take the trouble to embrace it. Want to invest in the metaverse? We’ll tell you how soon… Stay coinnected!