METAV.RS, Finally A Simple Solution To Launch Your Metaverse From A To Z !

METAV.RS, a start-up name that clearly shows that in terms of development we are in the big time. A gas pedal that facilitates the integration and management of product catalogs in different virtual worlds. After a first round of 3 million euros announced on October 4, the company, which is tackling a market estimated at $13,000 billion in full maturity, is back.

Note: This article is NOT sponsored. It is simply a highlight of a promising company that invited us to a cocktail party/petits fours. Some people call it bribery, we prefer to call it collaboration.😉 Enough jokes, enjoy your reading.😊

A festive atmosphere for an important fundraiser

To celebrate its first 3 million $, the company invited us to an evening on the superb rooftop of Sia Partner in Paris. This view on the capital, was the setting sometimes to meet the dynamic team of METAV.RS whose members come as well from Vierzon as from Hong Kong or Seoul!

With champagne and petits fours as weapons (good and a microphone too), we met Simon Foucher, Jérémie Salvucci, Adrien de Lavenere-Lussan and Clément Foucher, the originators of the project. Yes, to tackle the NFT market of luxury brands, which is estimated at 56 billion, 4 brains are not too much!

After a discussion on the team’s vision, we were treated to a small creative design office led by Claire Palliser and the rest of the team. A team just as qualitative as its evening so. But then, what is METAV.RS? How will they conquer the market?

The code is so 1980, at METAV.RS we are rather No-Code

Thanks to a no-code solution (no need to master an obscure programming language) the company allows anyone to easily create their own NFTs and then benefit from a personalized coaching to understand the Web3 mindset. Once available, the NFTs are easily sold on an e-commerce site or a marketplace.

But why offer a service? After all, we ALL know about Web3, right?

Well, because this is not the case for luxury brands! If it’s true that brands like Lacoste, Gucci or Tiffany have launched themselves in the adventure, they have been accompanied by professionals of our sector! And above all, they only launched in NFT or goodies, METAV.RS aims at the metaverse, which level of difficulty is clearly a notch above! Between designing the world, understanding the tools to create it, maintaining it, art direction… what a mess! This is not how we’re going to get the sacrosanct adoption. Unless…

Minivers to the rescue of the Metaverse

What do you mean “metaverse”? No, we’re talking about the “Miniverse”. Coincretely, the company provides its customers with a whole range of tools to directly manage their virtual worlds.

We are developing a simple tool that allows brands to manage their activity in the metaverse, a sort of metaverse CMS.
Some of our clients have very ambitious plans to transform their existing model. We accompany them in the co-construction of the 3-5 year roadmap and divide this plan into lots and activations in order to deliver the first bricks in a few weeks.

Clément Foucher, co-founder of METAV.RS

METAV.RS‘ 3D creation and reconstruction tools make it easy to bring NFTs to life, like this royal outfit presented at the Metaverse Summit in Dubai.

It is this simplicity that allows each brand to respect its DNA and use the metaverse to its full potential.

You are a clothing brand? Hop into a variety of fitting rooms to try on your dematerialized clothes in NFT.

You sell luxury jewelry and watches? Hop, an immersion experience with a remote advisor before having them delivered.

When you take away the worries of design, the only limit is your imagination.

imagination is the limit
The only real limit!

And as you can see, METAV.RS solves these problems.

A formula that is already attracting small and large project owners

Thanks to its turnkey solution, METAV.RS already has a dozen or so very large clients, including major luxury brands. In addition to the above-mentioned tools, these clients benefit from the brand’s expertise in NFT launches and the creation of immersive experiences.

  • Jsquare (DFG group), a fund specialized in the Web 3 ;
  • Sia Partner, a management and artificial intelligence consulting firm;
  • David Balland, co-founder of Ledger,
  • Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox and others…

They are all involved in METAV.RS! And we can say that it’s already starting to show, as evidenced by the recent addition of a new investor of size, I named: Farfetch a world leader in online luxury!

METAV.RS has a clear ambition to become a leader in enabling brands to switch and manage their presence in the Metaverse and its star-studded ecosystem will not tell us otherwise. Coinpri will continue to follow this ambitious start-up and the development of its tools around the world as well as its upcoming conquest of Asia where the luxury market is estimated at 25 billion dollars. Will the Chinese whales succumb to the French harpoons of METAV.RS? In any case, we sincerely hope so!