Transparency Has A New Name Among Exchanges: Ouinex

With 2024 just around the corner, the cryptocurrency sector continues to attract a growing audience. At the heart of this adoption dynamic, CEX (Centralized Exchanges) and DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) play a prominent role. However, following the turbulence caused by scandals such as FTX, the demand for standards and rigor has intensified, establishing these criteria as real pillars for platforms aspiring to distinguish themselves. Against this backdrop, Ouinex is emerging as a player already regulated in several jurisdictions, marking its territory with confidence and vision.

Note This article is in partnership with Ouinex. It does not constitute investment advice and as usual: do your own research.

Ouinex, say YES to transparency in the crypto ecosystem

Founded in early 2022 in the French capital, Ouinex is establishing itself as a secure and regulated cryptocurrency and derivatives trading platform for active traders. Its value proposition is based on low latency and extremely competitive trading fees, without compromising security and reliability.

Ouinex also stands out for its innovative approach to market makers, by “isolating” them so that they can fully assume their role as price “providers”. This strategy effectively eliminates the conflicts of interest and unfair practices often observed on traditional platforms, such as spoofing, market manipulation and stop-chasing.

The genesis of Ouinex is the work of a team of experts in traditional finance, all of whom have held positions of great responsibility, and have accumulated over 100 years of collective experience.

ouinex team - Coinpri
Ouinex, a team with many years in finance!

Thanks to its experience, network and vision, Ouinex has raised over $2 million in 2023 from 2,000 investors.

Global Expansion and Regulatory Compliance

Ouinex did not rest on its laurels. The French company quickly expanded its presence, incorporating operations in the United Arab Emirates, El Salvador and, more recently, Poland.

These expansion moves underline not only its desire to comply with future regulations, such as MiCA in the European Union, but also testify to its ambition to rapidly expand internationally.

This vision is reinforced by strategic partnerships with major players such as Interactiv Trading and the 150,000 traders in its network, Shift Market in the USA, or NetDania in Denmark, extending its influence and network.

ouinex partners - Coinpri
Ouinex partners

The $OUIX, the token at the heart of the Ouinex ecosystem

Just like other platforms, Ouinex has introduced its token, the $OUIX, which plays a central role in the platform’s ecosystem. Holders of $OUIX benefit from multiple advantages:

  • Lower trading fees;
  • Reduced spread;
  • Bonuses on cryptocurrency staking;
  • Discounts on certain features;
  • The right to participate in decision-making regarding trading features and digital asset additions;
  • A better return on the referral program.

For fans of tokenomics, an essential aspect when investing in crypto, you can see it below:

ouinex token - Coinpri

To maximize the benefits of OUIX token holders while preserving the stability of its platform, the team has developed the OuixIndex. This sophisticated tool, designed by mathematicians, reflects the vitality of the Ouinex ecosystem based on various criteria such as number of users, $OUIX token performance and transaction volume.

According to the score evaluated by the OuixIndex, specific measures will be taken, including adjusting trading fees or initiating token buybacks.

The subject being rather complex, but well explained by the team of Ouinex, we invite you to read the dedicated document here.

What does the future hold for Ouinex?

At the time of writing, Ouinex has completed a record-breaking sale of its token for $1.44 million, and is now fully focused on its second private sale.

Ouinex’s approach, focused on transparency and an optimized trading experience, clearly sets it apart in a rapidly evolving financial landscape. The platform, with its rich history, holistic approach and forward-thinking initiatives, is establishing itself as a trusted and innovative player. This is in marked contrast to many other exchanges, which have had to rethink their strategy after suffering major setbacks that have been detrimental to their users.

If the platform is aiming for 75,000 users by mid-2025, there’s no doubt that this target will be reached before then if it continues to demonstrate the same rigor and integrity that characterized its launch. As always in cryptocurrencies, and even more so in the context of an exchange, we advise you to do your own research on the subject. And to do so, there’s nothing better than the official Ouinex website and its social networks!