Just authorized in Poland, Binance is recruiting!

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is now registered as a virtual asset service provider in Poland. Binance Poland, the Polish branch of the exchange, announces its intention to intensify crypto events and education initiatives in Poland. With this in mind, Binance Poland has issued several calls for applications to strengthen its teams in the country.

Binance authorized in Poland

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange continues its conquest of Europe. According to a statement released on January 18, the exchange is now legally registered as a virtual asset service provider in Poland. The registration is a testament to Binance’s continued commitment to full regulatory compliance.

With this registration, Polish Binance users have full access to all Binance services. In order to comply with Polish regulations, they will need to sign the new terms and conditions with Binance Poland.

According to a Binance official in the country, these new conditions strengthen the security and anti-crime requirements via crypto.

We are fully compliant with Polish standards and are taking this step to ensure that Binance Poland has adopted risk and anti-money laundering policies to meet these rigorous standards.

Katarzyna Wabik, Manager of Binance in Poland

Poland is the seventh European country in which Binance is legally allowed to operate. Only a few days before Poland, Sweden granted Binance legal registration. Italy, France, Spain, Cyprus and Lithuania are the other European countries where the exchange is registered.

Binance Poland is already recruiting in Poland

In Poland, Binance is not only planning to offer cryptocurrency exchange services. The exchange has made it known that Binance Poland will invest in the development of the local crypto market. As such, Binance Poland will organize cryptocurrency events and education sessions in Poland in 2023.

As part of its commitment to developing the crypto market in Poland, Binance Poland wants to strengthen its teams on the ground. As such, the platform has announced a few open positions for which recruitment priority will be given to local talent. The positions to be filled are in the areas of compliance, finance and operations.

Binance Poland’s approach is to be commended. In addition to complying with local legislation, Binance is working to promote crypto in Poland. This should be beneficial to the crypto industry but also to the company itself. Indeed, the more Polish people who know about crypto, the more likely they will be to use Binance to make their crypto transactions.

We wish Binance’s competitors would do the same, but given the difficulties they face, we’re a bit skeptical. Exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase and Crypto.com are laying off people en masse and pulling out of certain areas due to economic difficulties. We wonder what Binance’s recipes are to perform during this time of market slowdown.