Bitget backs Web 3 with $100m EmpowerX fund

Copy trading and crypto derivatives platform Bitget is continuing its vision of a flourishing crypto ecosystem. The exchange has just announced the $100 million EmpowerX Bitget Fund!

EmpowerX Bitget Fund, a strategic investment for the Crypto ecosystem

Seychelles-based exchange Bitget continues to fund the Web3 ecosystem. After announcing a $100 million fund for Web3 in Asia last April, the platform repeats with its EmpowerX Fund, endowed with a capitalization of $100 million.

This initiative is geared towards a strategic and selective use of funds, aimed at maximizing Bitget’s long-term impact in the field of digital assets.

The EmpowerX Fund will focus on researching and selecting investment opportunities within specific entities, including:

  • local exchange platforms,
  • companies specializing in data analysis, 
  • media companies, and many others.

The ultimate goal is to build a solid ecosystem that will be able to adapt to the changing needs of crypto users.  

According to Bitget CEO, Gracy Chen, the platform plans to diversify its services to better meet the varied demands of its global customer base.

Our vision goes beyond the present. With the launch of the Bitget EmpowerX Fund, we are preparing for the future. Our goal is to create a complete platform, always at the cutting edge, that will meet all users’ needs.

Excerpt from Gracy Chen’s statement

Bitget continues its path towards decentralization

The crypto sector is constantly on the move, driven by ever-evolving technology. In this context, Bitget is not only supporting companies in its sector, it is also venturing down the path of decentralization.

Indeed, Bitget recently announced a major investment in BitKeep, a decentralized multi-chain wallet, subsequently renamed Bitget Wallet. A significant acquisition that marked a major step forward for the company in the decentralization field, demonstrating its determination to remain competitive in the sector.

However, Bitget has not neglected its centralized area of expertise. By constantly enhancing the trading experience and enriching its product range, the platform remains true to its “Trade smarter” philosophy. 

Through strategic investment and far-sighted vision, Bitget intends to maintain its position among the leaders of the crypto revolution. Its recent initiatives also reflect its total commitment to regulatory compliance.