Airdrop Poloniex and Huobi promised by Justin Sun

A Huobi and Poloniex airdrop? Following the recent cyberattacks on exchange platforms Poloniex and Huobi (HTX), their leader Justin Sun announced on November 24 his intention to compensate users via an airdrop!

Restoring trust after the crypto hack

The past few weeks have been a trying time for Poloniex and Huobi two platforms belonging to Justin Sun. Indeed, they have been repeatedly hacked, resulting in substantial financial losses.

In a statement on XJustin Sun pledges that “all assets will be secure” on both platforms. He also offered his sincerest apologies to users affected by these attacks, confirming that losses would be fully covered via a massive airdrop:

This announcement appears to be an attempt to HTX and Poloniex to win back the trust of their users, seriously shaken by these incidents.

Airdrop Poloniex and Huobi based on crypto user assets

In a statement, HTX has provided more details on the terms and conditions of this new airdrop. The amounts distributed will be calculated on the basis of a average of balances in USDT held by each user over the last 30 days.

HTX has named these average sales “Rockets” and specified that asset holders linked to the ecosystem HTX/Poloniex as the HTX Token (HT) and the Tron (TRX) will get a bonus applied on their rockets. The same applies to BTC and ETH holders.

Although the cryptocurrency to be distributed during the airdrop has not yet been disclosed, HTX has promised that it will be a “premium asset” soon to be listed on its platforms. The stated aim is to reward impacted users.

Exchange Huobi and Poloniex back in service by November 30

As a reminder Poloniex was the victim of a cyber attack on November 10, resulting in the loss of $120 million. For its part, HTX was hacked on November 22 in which $13.6 million was stolen from its accounts.

Faced with these incidents, Poloniex has announced a full resumption of services for November 30. HTX had initially promised a return to normal service within 24 hours, but has so far only resumed the TRX deposits and withdrawals – the token to pay fees on the Tron blockchain – and a few other Ethereum-based crypto.

Users will therefore have to continue to exercise patience before a full return to normal. The promise of an “epic airdrop” is intended as compensation for the inconvenience caused by these hacks. It remains to be seen whether these measures will be enough to appease a community feeling the pinch. Will we find the hackers?