Zoom on the End of the 4th Edition of the KSA Future Banks Summit

Saudi Arabia recently hosted the fourth edition of the Future Banks Summit & Awards. Over two days, the kingdom demonstrated its commitment to remaining at the forefront of the digital revolution. Discover the highlights of this unprecedented event.

Note Coinpri was a media partner of the event.

Towards a digital revolution in Saudi banking

In recent years, Saudi has shown a notable determination to position the Middle East at the forefront of digital transformation.

Awareness of the crucial importance of technology in today’s economy has led the Kingdom to undertake vast projects, underlining the profound changes in the banking sector.

On the occasion of the fourth Future Banks Summit & Awards KSA with Coinpri as a media partner, several themes were addressed, highlighting the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The event was a veritable cornucopia of ideas focused on the future of the banking sector. Several topics were tackled with passion:

  • The transformation of mobile banking into super apps.
  • The challenges of cybersecurity in banking.
  • The macroeconomic outlook for the coming year.
  • The importance of cash management, especially in times of financial crisis.
  • And many other key topics for industry professionals.

Meet the rising stars of Saudi finance

The summit would not be complete without recognizing the industry’s leaders. The evening saw awards presented to those actively shaping the future of banking in Saudi Arabia:

  • Tweeq awarded as the Best Fintech company in Saudi Arabia.
  • D360 Bank celebrated for its innovation as Rising Star Bank.
  • Morabaha Finance hailed as the Best NBFI for its commitment to sustainability.
  • Alinma Bank recognized for its quality of its customer experience.
  • Saudi Awwal Bank praised for its support for the kingdom’s economic development.
  • Riyad Bank distinguished for its technological initiatives.
  • Banque Saudi Fransi, applauded for its growth model.
  • And finally, Bank AlBilad, recognized as the country’s Best Digital Bank.

The KSA Future Banks Summit was more than just a gathering of professionals. It was a showcase for the future of finance, a blend of tradition and innovation. Saudi Arabia, through this summit, demonstrated its clear intention to become a major player in the global digital revolution.