The Paris Blockchain Summit IV enlightens blockchain on November 25, 2023

After a successful third edition, the highlights of which you can review here, the Paris Blockchain Summit is back on November 25 for its 4th edition! What else does the famous Parisian event have in store for us?

Note: Coinpri is an exclusive media partner of this new edition, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Never 3 without 4, the Paris Blockchain Summit is back!

France has established itself as a major technology hub Blockchain and the Web3 in Europe. And a major crossroads also means a major event. A role perfectly fulfilled by Paris Blockchain Summit (PBS)!

Every year, PBS offers an elegant and dedicated space for quality interactions between institutions, companies, investors, specialized journalists and business leaders.

So why stop there after 3 successful editions? This year’s edition which will take place on November 25, 2023 invites professionals to gather once again in an exceptional setting: under the crystal dome of the Étoile Business Center.

This event will be a unique opportunity to discuss current issues and identify future collaborations.

Paris Blockchain Summit IV: A Crucial B2B Summit for an Expanding Sector

For this new edition, the event will bring together over 1,200 professionals, 300 companies and institutions, and investors to share expertise and establish professional and strategic connections.

Topics such as the economy, regulations, the digital Euro, cybersecurity, certification, digital finance, artificial intelligence, sport, digital identity and many others will be on the agenda. These exchanges will influence the future development of the ecosystem. Blockchain & Web3.

A day rich in learning and opportunities, with conferences, keynotes, workshops and discussions with experts. The perfect opportunity to fill up on information and improve your knowledge and network!

A network that will benefit from some of the event’s headliners:

  • Signum Bank,
  • Standard Chartered Bank,
  • Wirex,
  • Melanion Capital,
  • IZNES,
  • Veritise,
  • Deepsquare,
  • SGSS,
  • Tozex,
  • Utopian Capital,
  • INRIA,
  • True Global Ventures,
  • Dr Data,
  • Omniscia
  • Crypto4all,
  • The French Federation of Blockchain.
  • The European Parliament
  • Chair

Numerous media, including Coinpri, will be on hand to cover the event and provide answers to questions such as “Can France establish itself as a world leader in Web3?” or “How to raise funds for WEB3 companies?”.

To find out the answers to these questions and many more, get your ticket and benefit from the 35% discount if you do so before November 5. And don’t forget to enter your wallet address if you’re buying a Pro/Ultimate ticket – I hear the NFT “Vip Participant” will come in handy…😉 See you there!