Paris Builders Hauz, the first DVillage block successfully launched during ETHCC

Setting up a team, communication, marketing, finding funding, getting listed, ensuring the longevity of your token… Launching a project in blockchain and crypto is rarely a simple matter. If only there were a place in some of the world’s biggest capitals where people could gather, a meeting point, a village where great and small minds could meet frequently, experiment and live this adventure together. This principle already exists, and Paris, the French capital, is in the spotlight: ready to discover Dvillage?

Note: Coinpri is proud to be one of the partners of the initiative after having stayed and experienced the concept for 10 days. For transparency, here are the terms of the agreement between Coinpri and DVillage. Enjoy your reading.

DVillage, the Web3 ecosystem on your doorstep

As I said in the introduction, it’s quite often difficult in the Blockchain to find a place that brings together experts from all walks of life. This is what DVillage intends to revolutionize. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, let’s get something straight: DVillage is not just another Meetup held in several cities around the world!

No, DVillage is a concept of several autonomous houses (Hauz) and hotels, a place of welcome for all builders (and builders-to-be) in the ecosystem. A sort of “local brotherhood” or as the “Continental Hotels” from the Saga John Wick.

In singles, if DVillage hosts events and workshops, the houses also allow you to stay for the duration of your project, or your pied-à-terre in the city you’re visiting.

Blockchain obliges, decentralization will be given pride of place via a DAO to determine the governance of the houses, and smart contracts to ensure that everything works impartially. DVillage already uses the Q Blockchain to carry out these votes, blockchain whose Coinpri has the privilege of being one of the few validator and root nodes (the guardians of the Q protocol).

By the way, you can see the results of the latest DAO vote which concerns… an official partnership with Coinpri ! So you’ll know exactly what it’s all about – that’s the spirit of Coinpri : a decentralized community!

So that’s all well and good on paper, but where does it stand in practice?

Moulin Rouge, French Cancan and ETHCC, a successful launch!

If, like me, you’re a lover of the “Infernal Galop” of Offenbach, aka “The French Can-can”, you’ll be delighted to learn that the first Hauz is in Paris, just a few hundred meters from the Moulin Rouge!

Officially launched during ETHCC, Matthieu Saubin and myself were able to experience the launch up close as one of the first testers and supporters of the launch. We spent ten days there, fully immersed!

So what can we say about the experience?

Well, that it was impressive to arrive and see a house still under renovation. A house which evolved according to the suggestions of the almost 50 people who stayed there.

That we have discovered fifteen interesting projects and initiatives during the pitch sessions organized by DVillage.

That despite strong competition in terms of events at ETHCC (more than 300 in parallel), 7 workshops were held, attracting a further 100 visitors from both the tech and investment worlds.

Of course, a launch also means a few hiccups, the biggest of which was… the absence of hot water during the entire stay.

Living in Dubai, in a country where ‘cold water’ is summed up as being around +20°C, yours truly suffered somewhat, but held out to provide you with this deep immersion!

Don’t worry, there’ll be hot water next time, and Coinpri too!

If you’re feeling the chill, don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of hot water next time!

Following the success of its partnership with Q Blockchain and a grant from the latter, work is already underway for an opening at the end of the year, for a Hauz that’s more operational than ever! If you’re not in Paris, don’t worry, other houses are already discussed, or even being launched, in several of the world’s capitals!

Wondering which one will open next? Hm, something tells me that the community will have its say via the DAO… And, the same goes for the partnerships to come!

Coinpri is very proud to be a partner in this initiative, which we are sure will help democratize Web3 and Blockchain on a global scale. We are also looking forward to the reopening of the Hauz in Paris to see the evolution between the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and the launch of the finished product. Meanwhile, we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest news on the initiative, and can only recommend that you follow DVillage on social networks.