Paris Blockchain Summit III : mission Mainstream

The blockchain and crypto ecosystem is always moving and it obviously doesn’t seem to take a vacation either! If you want to be ready for the next big blockchain event, a day off on July 8 is a must, head to the city of Paris for the 3rd edition of the Paris blockchain Summit which Coinpri is a partner!

After 2 successful editions, the Paris Blockchain Summit is back on July 8th!

You don’t know how to occupy yourself on July 8th? No problem, Coinpri has the solution for you: the Paris Blockchain Summit (PBS) at the Equinoxe Palmeraie.

After 2 successful editions, the oldest international event in France dedicated to Blockchain technology and digital assets is back with its Mainstream edition.

Are you claustrophobic by nature and afraid of stepping on yourself? No worries, although nearly 1,200 people are expected, the PBS will take place in an idyllic setting of 2,000 m² on two floors!

Paris Blockchain Summit Equinox Palmeraie
The Equinoxe Palmeraie, where you will be for the Paris Blockchain Summit

What a great day to spend while enjoying the knowledge of the 50 speakers expected for the event! Speakers from various backgrounds…

The Paris Blockchain Summit, the event to perfectly Coinprihend Blockchain

Unlike other blockchain and crypto events that are only open to people from the ecosystem, the PBS is open to everyone regardless of your ecosystem. Since its first edition in 2019, adoption has always been the watchword at PBS. This Mainstream edition is no exception to the rule, you will find iconic personalities from multinationals such as Nestle and L’Oreal, sports, venture capital, French and European parliament, metaverse, NFT, crypto trading or even digital law, fintech…

In short, the Paris Blockchain will bring you the questions to serenely address the trends and issues of the Blockchain, technology defined by the Davos economic forum as the pillar of the 4th industrial revolution. Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics:

  • The economy: At a time when inflation is exploding, does Bitcoin provide effective protection against inflation? How will central bank digital currencies and stablecoins impact the economy? NFTs, a new asset class to diversify your wealth?
  • The Metaverse: Why are large companies and institutions betting on the Metaverse? Is it just a fad or a real revolution?
  • GameFi and Play-2-Earn: How are blockchain games a new economy in emerging countries? Can players be paid for their contribution to a digital economy?
  • Music: Is the future of the music industry based on NFTs? How do supervisory authorities such as SACEM react?
  • Sports: How can the Blockchain enable an evolution of the sports sponsorship market? With nearly 16% of the world’s population obese, are Move-2-Earns a viable solution to obesity?
  • Intellectual property: Do NFTs allow artists to better monetize their creations? How to manage the copyright and the right of exploitation of a work with an NFT?
  • Regulations: What regime applies to NFTs? Will the MICA regulation put an end to the development of the crypto assets market in Europe?

Paris Blockchain Summit Speakers
Some speakers of the Paris Blockchain Summit

It was easy to Coinprihend, now I want to participate, how do I do it?

Then it all depends on your profile dear enthusiast, indeed depending on your expertise or your needs, you can be :

  • Panelist: you have the expertise to share an opinion on a topic related to Blockchain technology? Welcome onboard, you just have to fill in the form to apply for one of the panels of the agenda but gain visibility!
  • Sponsor: you want to make your project known to generate leads and partnerships? Whether you want a booth to talk with visitors, to go on stage or to have the NFT space of the event in your name, PBS will meet your expectations as it has already met those of Veritise, Utrust, Spantale, Hummingbot and Tozex!
  • Participant: you want to be part of the 1,200 attendees list and maybe enjoy a great evening on the day to network and maybe more… Several types of tickets are still available for sale at a discounted rate!

In case you still haven’t Coinpri, your July 8 will be spent at the Paris Blockchain Summit in the city of lights. To make it easier for you, Coinpri is offering a small 30% discount on the ticket price with the code MEDIA30. And yes, a bonus that applies to the bonus, so we say thank you who?