NFT Biarritz, an event in the south-west of France

This summer, the NFT Biarritz team offers us an extra ray of sunshine with the second edition of their event in the south-west of France! Following on from last year’s success, we’ll be able to enjoy a three-day event from Monday August 21 to Wednesday August 23. Whether you’re a blockchain professional, a passionate holidaymaker or simply curious about NFTs, there’s something for everyone!

An event for everyone, in an unusual location

You know nothing about Non Fungible Token (NFT) or are you an expert? Either way, you’ll find something to interest you. Coinpri explains it all to you as a media partner!

This is both a global event that brings together industry professionals, including entrepreneurs and major corporations, and the general public. Indeed, the organization focuses on being accessible to as many people as possible. It’s also an ideal opportunity for the local ecosystem in the Basque country to get together and exchange views on this technical subject, which is often misunderstood and even prejudged.

In short, if you’re lucky enough to be on vacation in the south-west of France, or if you’re looking for a destination at the last minute, you’ve coinpri-hended it all! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more while enjoying the Biarritz sunshine!

NFT Biarritz offers a varied 3-day program

The first two days of the program will begin at The Connector with:

  • Workshops for all levels
  • Round tables and conferences
  • Project presentations
  • Activities and entertainment
  • And, of course, all in good spirits!

Wednesday will be devoted to a breakfast around the Biarritz lighthouse, yoga and side events! And for the sporty types, it’s the perfect time of year for surfing – the beach is just around the corner! You can find the complete day-by-day program here.
Note that the organizers, Damien and Franck Dupont, are also the co-founders of OpenGem, a secured no code solution to mint NFT.

Feel free to send us a message to meet a Coinpri journalist if you’re in the area. And if you don’t have a ticket, you get 30 euros off with the code: COINPRI@BIARRITZ . We wish you sunny days!