EthLisbon 2023 in Lisbon, an amazing hackathon!

The new edition of EthLisbon will take place from November 3 to 5. This hackathon is aimed almost exclusively at developers and promises to be just as epic as last year! The event is organized by the blockchain community, with the aim of sparking innovative projects!

EthLisbon, a resounding success in 2022

EthLisbon is back this year, following on from the superb 2022 edition! The hackathon will take place at Pátio da Galé in the historic heart of Lisbon from November 3rd to 5th ! The previous edition took place at the Lisbon Academy of Sciences (Academia das Ciências de Lisboa). The general feeling was very positive, and we were there to witness it!

A Hackathon open to all enthusiasts, but selective

If you’re a developer, we urge you to take part in hackathons. It’s a great way of discovering and learning, as well as meeting many project creators who are passionate about innovation, in a positive, constructive and convivial atmosphere. It’s a chance to give it your all for 72 hours, with everything you need on site.

To be selected to take part in the hackathon, candidates must share their profiles and motivation, as demand is very high despite the large number of participants. The aim is to get together in teams of up to 5 people on site and brainstorm on a new idea, then put it into practice, and finally present the result with code included, all in 2 or 3 days.

According to a hacker I met last year, a hackathon needs 3 essential ingredients to keep participants happy: food, internet connection and prizes. EthLisbon not only ticks all the boxes, but also succeeds brilliantly in its mission to educate and inspire innovative and interesting projects, all in exceptional and historic locations every year.

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Participants awaiting the announcement of the jury’s results and the closing ceremony at the Lisbon Academy of Sciences during EthLisbon 2022.

Sponsors and organisers

In 2022, participants and other stakeholders really enjoyed the organization, so we hope it will be just as extraordinary this year. Several hundred hackers – the hackathon participants – were lucky enough to be selected to take part. Numerous volunteers also contributed on a daily basis to the success of the initiative!

For 2023, the organizers are Lightshift, 1kx and Activate.
Event sponsors include Wallet Connect, Safe, Polygon, Chronicle Labs, iExec, Aleo, Fuel, Core DAO, Aave-Chan, Neon, Gnosis Chain. Several partners, such as LayerX, Ledger, Rekt, IronWallet, TalentProtocol and Redbull will also be taking part.

Judges and mentors will be on hand to assess the projects at the end of the hackathon and, above all, to support them throughout the ideation and creation process. If you’re curious to know who they are, here are a few of them (others will be announced later, like Tony Olendo from Polygon Labs):

EthLisbon2023 JudgesPanel - Coinpri
Some of the judges for EthLisbon 2023 and more to be announced soon!

Bon courage à tous les hackers pour réaliser de nouvelles solutions disruptives ! Et sinon, il n’est jamais trop tard pour commencer à apprendre à coder !