The 2nd edition of ETHDam will take place from April 12 to 14, 2024 in Amsterdam. It’s a conference and hackathon for technical profiles for over 600 participants, with Coinpri as media partner. Receive a 10% discount with our code COINPRIETHDAM by buying your ticket.

CryptoCanal leads the way in Amsterdam

Organized by CryptoCanal, the ambition of ETHDam is to bring together a community of blockchain enthusiasts to make a positive impact on the world. The aim is to promote crypto industry initiatives in particular Education and the creation of such events that enable entrepreneurship through the emulsion of new ideas and authentic encounters. The organizers are committed to cypherpunk values such as confidentiality, sovereignty and resistance to censorship.

So everyone can take part in this human and technological adventure to learn, create links and help each other. ETHDam’s main theme is security and privacy, always based on decentralization and open-source.

Privacy and security as the pillars of ETHDam

In the continuity of protocols that are the subject of debate among regulators, like Tornado Cash and one of its creators Alexey Pertsev, discussions will focus on piracy and recovery.

Have you heard of lunarpunks? If not, do you know the saying: “to live happily, let’s live hidden”.
It is in this state of mind, respecting privacy and sharing code openly, that individuals can escape the control of a highly centralized and totalitarian authority. By protecting ourselves from the worst, we can avoid it even if it does happen. So we’re back to the fundamental founding values of blockchain technology.

So, the exchanges that will take place during ETHDam should help demystify the complexities associated with blockchain and give everyone the tools to be able to create, in turn.

Speaking of building projects, the ETHDam would be an ideal opportunity to get a better grasp of the very latest technical innovations, particularly on the zero knowledge (ZK).

Otto program for startups and Hackathon for devs

To register as a dev or to pitch as an entrepreneur & startup, click here !
If you want to go in a more relaxed way without imperatives, buy your ticket here ! And get 10% off with our code COINPRIETHDAM

Hackers, i.e. developers actively participating in the hackathon, are required to be present at the event. In addition, early registration is highly recommended, as selection is a must for the organizers due to the high demand for this type of event. Project creation for devs will begin on April 12, and the evaluation criteria will be as follows:

  1. Technical – How technical was this to build?
  2. Use Case – Is this solving a problem?
  3. Value proposition – How unique and innovative is this project?
  4. Market/business – Is this interesting for investors? Are the business model and token economics are appealing?
  5. Wow factor – This project is completely out of the box, blew your mind

I hope this overview will help you decide whether to dive into the decentralized world of privacy in the magnificent city of Amsterdam. If so, I hope you’ll be available to attend this promising event! To find out more, please visit official website and a party is planned for all participants on Sunday, April 14! See you in the Netherlands!