Discover the Secrets of RWA with the World Tokenization Summit!

On November 21, 2023, Dubai will become the focal point for all technology and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This date marks the long-awaited return of the second edition of the World Tokenization Summit, a major industry event. This time, the event returns with a highly captivating program focusing on the tokenization of real-world assets.the so-called “RWAs”.

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See you at the World Tokenization Summit?

Building on the success of its first edition, the World Tokenization Summit (WTS) is back for another edition, featuring experts from both the private and public sectors. Taking place on November 21 in Dubai, the event will address a plethora of industries, including real estate, utilities, energy, commodities, asset management, and of course, the financial sector.

Here are some of the speakers you’ll find there:

  • Paul Brody, global head of blockchain at EY
  • Claus Skaaning, CEO of Digishares
  • Edwin Navarro, Brickken CEO
  • Daniel Coheur, co-founder and sales manager at Tokeny
  • Vladimir Nikolenko, Associate Director of Global Exchange Value at Accenture
  • Walid Benothman, responsible for growth at 1inch Network
  • Peter BuschProduct Owner DLT Mobility at BOSCH
  • Hoda Alkhzaimi, co-chair of the WEF Global Futures Council
  • Zahid Mir, CEO of Vostad Labs

The diversity of these speakers promises stimulating discussions and significant developments in the field of tokenization of real-world assets.

Are you ready to dive into this exciting event? Don’t wait, and make sure you register your application now to make sure you don’t miss out and see you there!