Blockchain Life 2023 Is Already Looking Ahead!

Just a few days ago, the 11th edition of the Blockchain Life 2023 took place under the scorching sun of Dubai. Attracting over 7,000 visionaries from 120 nations, the event is already looking to the future with its next edition!

Note: Coinpri was a partner at the last event.

Another successful edition for Blockchain Life

The forum, now recognized as fertile ground for innovative ideas, coincided with a period of recovery for Bitcoin, which has not gone unnoticed by investors and enthusiasts alike.

In the spotlight, industry giants such as Binance and TRON presented their vision of the future, a future that cryptocurrencies are part of, as you’d expect! The event was also an opportunity to highlight the synergy between real assets and their digital incarnation, thanks to discussions with leading figures such as Justin Sun.

Of course, visitors were also able to discover numerous projects – we’re talking about more than 120 stands, after all!

Over 120 stands and 7,000 visitors!
Over 120 stands and 7,000 visitors!

A large part of which was dedicated to mining, wallets and wallet protection. Not surprising, given that the main exhibitor was none other than Bitmain, one of the leaders in the mining sector!

Building on this success, the event has already announced a new edition for April 2024, also in Dubai! Ticket sales are already open, with a early bird rate, and you can also become a sponsor of this next edition, which will be just as successful as the previous ones! So why wait any longer?