3 more days to enjoy SaTT’s $100,000+ Airdrop!

Despite the ubiquity of social networks in our lives, it’s still difficult for influencers who start out to get paid what they’re worth. That’s where SaTT, one of the leading players in SocialFi, comes in.

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The problem of social networks and influencers

We all have something to say and are de facto influencers at our own level. Unfortunately, due to their design, the algorithms of the different social networks only highlight the influencers who are already well established.

This process is harmful for new influencers who cannot freely express their creativity, but also for companies seeking to promote products that systematically turn to them.

These companies, in addition to having to pay for very expensive marketing operations, are not sure of the results they will get, due to a lack of transparency on the data of the campaigns (like, retweet, views..).

Fortunately, thanks to the transparency offered by Blockchain technology and smart contracts, this problem now has a solution: Post2Earn.

SaTT, Post2Earn and SocialFi

Wouldn’t it be nice for an influencer to get paid for each of their posts? Wouldn’t it be perfect for a company to pay influencers only for their results?

This is now possible thanks to Post2Earn, the keystone of the SocialFi movement of which the SaTT platform is one of the players.

Available on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Tron, BitTorrent and other blockchains, the platform pays each of your posts its fair value.

With the platform supporting TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, everyone will be able to take full advantage of it.

But, so how does it work?

Well, when a company (or an individual) decides to launch a marketing operation, all they have to do is open an “Adpool” and allocate cryptocurrencies to it. The participants on their side make their post normally then paste the link of it on the platform.

SaTT’s various Social Networking Oracles will analyze the ROI of the post and automatically pay the influencer.

No need to wait for a payment or even to look for clients, everything is instantaneous thanks to Post2Earn.

And, because good news never comes alone, SaTT is also offering a $100,000 Airdrop in partnership with Coinmarketcap!

100,000 Airdrop with Coinmarketcap

To participate in the $100,000 airdrop don’t delay too long, it ends on December 1, here are the steps to follow:

Register on the Airdrop page and follow the steps below:

The 25,000 airdrop winners will be announced on the Coinmarketcap airdrop page. Good luck to you.