Virunga, the Oldest Park in Africa Needs Your Cryptos

The managers of the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo have launched a new call for funding to strengthen the protection of the ecosystems in this protected area. Donations can be made in Bitcoin, Ethereum and about 20 other cryptocurrencies. Since last year, donations raised in crypto have helped this park better preserve the forest and animal species. The Virunga National Park experience is proof, if any were needed, that cryptocurrency can be an ally in nature conservation.

Crypto to help save the large mammals of Virunga

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have always been portrayed as destructive to the environment. At least that’s not what the managers of Virunga National Park think. For them, cryptocurrency is an important ally in the conservation of ecosystems in this protected area. On GivingTuesday, Virunga National Park launched a new appeal for crypto funding to support its environmental protection efforts.

According to the grant proposal, the funds raised will help strengthen the park’s conservation infrastructure in the Ishasha Valley. This should improve the working conditions of the ecoguards and increase patrols to discourage poachers in the area.

Your support will help strengthen the Park’s critical infrastructure in the Ishasha Valley by making Ranger operations energy independent. This will improve anti-poaching patrols and allow for more effective surveillance of the Ishasha Valley.

Parc des Virunga

Ishasha is part of the Virunga Park, which is rich in biodiversity. Unfortunately, the Ishasha Valley is seriously threatened by the activities of armed gangs and poachers.

According to park managers, poaching, habitat destruction, and proximity to areas of armed conflict have resulted in a significant decline in large mammals over the past 25 years. If you care about protecting large mammals such as lions, elephants, hippos, etc., this appeal for donations is for you.

An exceptional park that relies on crypto to better protect the environment

In Africa’s environmental sector, Virunga National Park is a player that needs no introduction. Created in April 1925, Virunga, which covers nearly 800,000 hectares, is the oldest park in Africa. With thousands of animal and plant species, this park is the richest in biodiversity on the continent. It is undoubtedly because of this exceptional biodiversity that Virunga has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

Since the Rwandan genocide of 1994, the eastern Congo where Virunga Park is located has been very insecure. This negatively affects the conservation activities of this protected area. UNESCO had to place the Virunga Park on the list of World Heritage in Danger that year.

Cryptocurrency is one of the pillars of restoration of the Virunga Park’s wildlife. In a short period of time, positive results are already coming in.

In 2021, cryptocurrency donations have helped dismantle 1,260 animal traps, conduct 24,000 kilometers of aerial surveillance and 65,000 kilometers of foot patrols, train 150 new ecoguards, provide health care and emergency assistance to 620 rangers and their families.

Virunga National Park is not crypto friendly only through the mobilization of crypto donations. This protected area is mining bitcoin with the excess renewable energy it produces as part of a massive hydroelectric plant construction program.

In reality, due to the lack of a power grid, millions of people around the park cut down trees for heat and cooking. This situation reinforces a vast network of illegal charcoal trafficking which, in addition to causing an environmental disaster, actively participates in the financing of armed groups in the region. This is how Virunga Park is building the power plants to address this problem.

Cryptocurrency users have a vested interest in supporting Virunga National Park. Beyond funding environmental activities, every penny donated to Virunga Park helps support local development efforts through access to electricity, among other things. Moreover, there is no better answer to those who accuse crypto of polluting the planet than to use this asset to protect the environment in support of Virunga National Park. So if you’d like to make a difference, just send your sats here.