Recharging your car in crypto is possible with QoWatt

From now on, people in France can recharge their cars using cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, thanks to the innovations of start-up QoWatt. QoWatt has already established itself as a leader in the field of charging solutions for electric vehicles.

The emergence of crypto payments in the recharging ecosystem

In a context where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining increasing popularity on the financial scene, their integration by major retailers is an obvious choice.

QoWatt, a French start-up focused on green energy founded in 2021, aims to revolutionize the electromobility sector by integrating cryptocurrency into its services. It is now positioning itself as the world’s leading provider of electric charging stations that accept cryptocurrencies.

This Monday, October 30, via a press release, QoWatt has announced that it has integrated cryptocurrency payment capability on its kiosks. Customers of QoWatt can now pay with different cryptos, including BTC, EGLD, UTK, USDT and DASH.

By integrating cryptocurrency payment directly into our kiosks, we are offering our users unprecedented flexibility while paving the way for an era at the forefront of electric car innovation. We are convinced that the combination of green mobility and blockchain-based finance represents the future.

Statement by CEO Hugo MANTEAU

This breakthrough, the result of six months of in-depth research and strategic partnerships with technology leaders such as and MultiversX. It demonstrates not only the evolution of payment methods, but also the growing convergence between financial technology and consumer expectations.

QoWatt’s meteoric rise in crypto

QoWatt quickly established a solid reputation in the crypto world. At the xDay Conference on October 21, the company was hailed as the “Most tangible blockchain project with concrete application”.

Last year, it raised an impressive amount of funds of $10 million through the issuance of its tokens (QWT). Combining technology and eco-responsibility, QoWatt is more than just a technological innovation: it is committed to providing excellent service to its customers.

Already, the start-up has commissioned charging stations powered entirely by renewable energies, strategically located in places such as shopping malls and hotels in France. The company plans to expand internationally by 2024.

As cryptocurrency continues to grow, it will be captivating to see how different sectors will nimbly adjust and come up with innovations to align with this new era.