MetaMask Launches Security Function With Blockaid

Faced with concerns over recent vulnerabilities at MetaMask, putting its users at risk from cyberattacks and phishing attempts, the popular crypto wallet has decided to take proactive measures. Metamask has teamed up with Blockaid, a cybersecurity start-up, to launch a new protection feature.

Metamask introduces new Security Alerts feature

MetaMask, to overcome the problem of security holes introduces a security alert feature in partnership with Blockaid. This feature, focused on preserving user privacy, aims to put a stop to phishing attacks and attempts.

The new feature was first made available to users of the desktop version of MetaMask through the PPOM (Preservation of Off-line Privacy).

Bárbara Schorchit, Senior Product Manager at MetaMask describes the PPOM like a secure device that operates offline and is designed to simulate and authenticate transactions and signatures before they are finalized.

It relies exclusively on RPC exchanges between nodes and a pre-configured node provider, without transmitting superfluous information to third-party servers.

Users receive notifications of transactions that appear suspicious, thereby reinforcing security within the ecosystem.

Gradual roll-out of functionality for all users

According to Schorchit, this feature will initially be launched on the mobile application MetaMask in November, and will be extended to all users by the first quarter of 2024.

By the first quarter of 2024, our intention is to seamlessly integrate and activate this new functionality in the default portfolio, making it available to 100% of MetaMask users.

Schorchit statement

The aim of the phased deployment is to eliminate the risk of false positives, in particular by allowing legitimate transactions to be wrongly categorized as suspicious, thus reinforcing user confidence in the new functionality.

Blockaid is no mere partner. This start-up, founded by former experts from Israel’s Unit 8200, has just emerged from the shadows, and has already made an impression by raising $33 million to combat threats to the crypto world. This expertise will be invaluable to MetaMask.