D’CENT Wallet: Your Key to the Metaverse MetaOasis

D’CENT, a leader in crypto wallets, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with MetaOasisVR. This pioneering metaverse platform, powered by Avalanche, opens up new horizons in the decentralized virtual universe. Together, D’Cent and MetaOasis aim to offer an optimal and secure user experience.

D’CENT and MetaOasis, a strategic alliance for secure passage to the Metaverse

The famous Cold Wallet D’CENT recently announced a major partnership with MetaOasis, a new-generation metaverse based on Avalanche. This strategic alliance enables D’CENT to explore the immersive world of MetaOasis.

Powered by Avalanche blockchain technology, MetaOasis offers a vibrant virtual world, with key innovations such as AI training tools, a rich catalog of virtual reality games and a web content creation studio3.

In this teeming environment, users can monetize their creativity through a wide range of activities, artistic creations, games play-to-earn, acquisition of virtual land. The economy of this new immersive world revolves around the native AIM token, now supported by D’Cent App.

Thanks to this new partnership, users of D’CENT can :

  • Manage their AIMs with peace of mind via the D’Cent application
  • Connect to MetaOasis at a glance
  • Take part in its dynamic economy (land purchases, NFTs…)

D’CENT and MetaOasis work closely together to build a passionate community, offering exclusive events hosted by experts, as well as privileged access to airdrops.

In addition, the announcement of the imminent integration of Wepin, the brand new wallet Web3 developed by IoTrust (the parent company of D’Cent, founded by security experts) promises an even more accessible experience in this world of opportunity.

This alliance marks a giant step towards the limitless expansion of the metaverse, placing D’CENT as the gateway of choice for enthusiasts of this innovative space.

D’Cent Wallet, protect your cryptos with state-of-the-art biometric security

With the meteoric rise of cryptos, ensuring the protection of funds has become a critical issue for investors. To meet this challenge, D’CENT Wallet has developed a cutting-edge hardware solution: biometric authentication.

Manufactured by a South Korean company, this innovative wallet incorporates a fingerprint sensor to sign crypto transactions. Without prior biometric validation, no funds can be disbursed. This ultra-secure innovation makes it extremely difficult to pirate cryptos, even if the wallet is lost or stolen.

Trusted by users in 220 countries, D’CENT Wallet offers exceptional security. Thanks to advanced hardware security and an intuitive interface, both individuals and institutions can transact with confidence on over 60 supported blockchains.

Metaverse enthusiasts can now explore this universe with complete peace of mind, protecting their precious AIM tokens from unauthorized access and cyberattack. If you too want to protect your assets, don’t forget to use our discount code to save $30.