WeSendit, The Secure File Transfer Solution the Web3 Space Has Been Awaiting

In our digitized world, the significance of file transfer and storage has soared. The surging production of data has made the need for trustworthy and secure solutions for file transfer and storage paramount. This is where WeSendit enters the frame.

Note: This article is neither paid nor sponsored. The Coinpri team met the WeSendit team at a crypto event at the beginning of the year and decided to write an article about their project.

File Transfers, An Everyday Occurrence

Who among us hasn’t transferred files? Be it sharing sun-soaked vacation photos or transmitting a critical document for a presentation, file sharing is a routine activity. However, as these files continue to grow in size, we find ourselves leaning on tools that facilitate data transfer. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone – nearly 700 million people, or 21% of all internet users, rely on these services!

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The market for these services is experiencing significant growth, but it’s not without its challenges…

Centralized Data Storage, A Double-Edged Sword

Although centralized data storage has been the go-to solution, it has not been without its issues, which include cyber attacks and human errors. In 2017, Equifax suffered a security breach that compromised the information of 147 million individuals. In 2019, a configuration error at Capital One enabled a hacker to access over 100 million customer records. In 2020, 30% of companies reported a data breach due to an attack on their data transfer service. Traditional servers are also vulnerable to DDoS and physical attacks. In 2021, the information of 533 million Facebook users and 700 million LinkedIn users was exposed.

These are just a few high-profile instances; there are countless others, including server fires. Though it might sound like an unlikely risk, that’s precisely what occurred to OVH in 2021, when an overnight fire destroyed 3.6 million web servers representing 464,000 domain names!

Clearly, data security is a pervasive issue, but there is a glimmer of hope: Blockchain technology and WeSendit are stepping up to provide a solution.

Introducing WeSendit, Secure File Transfer and Storage at Last

WeSendit, a Swiss company that has been operating for almost a decade, is a well-known Web2 provider with a client base of over 3 million, including global brands like Nike, Dreamworks, and Red Bull.

WeSendit leverages Blockchain technology to fragment files, ensuring enhanced data security and storage.

Blockchain often entails tokens, and WeSendit is no exception with its WSI token. This BEP20 token, based on the BNB Smart Chain, serves as a key to unlock the benefits of the new platform and fully utilize the services of WeSendit version 3.0. The MVP, launched in May, is now fully operational, and we encourage you to experience it firsthand:

  • Data security via cutting-edge encryption;
  • Geo-redundant storage for worldwide data retention;
  • Privacy protection through anonymous data verification via a blockchain consortium network, with no third-party access;
  • Simplified data management for an easier overview, management, and collaboration;
  • Backup and restore capabilities, eliminating single points of failure;
  • Pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to use and pay for only the services they require;
  • Branded channel enabling companies to present their data transfer and storage in their own corporate design;
  • Paid downloads allowing users to offer paid downloads and sell their products.

As you can see, WeSendit’s new platform will go far beyond mere file transfer and storage solutions. It will offer a powerful set of data management tools for individuals, enterprises, and institutions.

The market for file transfer and storage is rapidly expanding. If you’re interested in learning more about WeSendit’s services or wish to support the project as a validator node, we invite you to visit the project website.