Telegram integrates crypto payments with TON!

The TON project, the open-source version of Telegram’s initial project, has been in the news ever since! After announcing a 250 million fund and partnerships with Africa, it is back in the spotlight. The reason? The ability to buy and send cryptocurrencies directly from Telegram’s iOS, Android and Desktop app!

Telegram, an app on its way to a billion users

Initially used by Eastern European populations and cryptophiles, the Telegram messaging app has seen its user base explode during the lockdown.

Telegram user by time
Telegram user by time

A growth allowed by the freedom of expression of the instant messaging application and by its numerous features.

If it is of course possible for years to send written/vocal messages, to share audio/video files and to program bots, some essential features were still missing. For example, it was only possible to make calls without video! Seeing its number of users increase, Telegram has since remedied the problem and even offers the possibility to organize video conferences.

All its features, as well as secure secret conversations, make it a basic application for cryptophiles’ mobile devices. Unfortunately, one feature was still missing: the ability to use cryptocurrencies.

The most famous secure messenger integrates cryptocurrencies!

If Telegram’s TON has had many setbacks, which Coinpri has summarized in a previous article, it seems that this one before now correctly. Integrating cryptocurrencies into Telegram messaging, we were dreaming about it since 2018, now it’s done!

This Wednesday, April 26, the official Twitter account of TON has indeed tweeted about this new feature:

Following the implementation of a bot, it is now possible to send free and easy TON to Telegram users! To do so, you just have to validate your phone number to automatically create your own crypto wallet.

Once done, you will just need a simple click to add it to your menu and use it in all the conversions of the encrypted messaging. Also note that sending TON is instantaneous and there are no transaction fees.

But what if I don’t have any TON? Well, you can buy some directly from the application by credit card. You can also buy Bitcoin!

It should be noted that if it is possible to buy Bitcoin it cannot be sent to the users of the application.

If the Telegram application has more than 550 million users, nearly 1 million users have already used the functionality of the new bot. In a context of adoption of the African continent as TON seems to want, it is logical to target smartphone users. Remember that in many unbanked countries, access to funds is done through mobile applications. Cardano, the other challenger in Africa, has a lot to worry about.

In the meantime, feel free to test the application yourself and join us on the official Coinpri Telegram.