Human Protocol embarks on MultiversX for its AI training solution

Human Protocol, a solution automating the evaluation and compensation of jobs launches on MultiversX. The famous Romanian Blockchain will indeed be used to manage the validation and distribution of jobs.

Human Protocol steps up a gear with MultiversX 

HUMAN Protocol is a blockchain solution automating the evaluation and rewarding those who participate in feeding the algorithms of artificial intelligences. We are therefore on a hot topic, given the explosion of AI visibility in recent months.

Artificial intelligence is poised to make a radical and positive change. Before it can do that, it must learn from humans – at scale. It’s amazing how quickly Human Protocol is leveraging MultiversX’s hyper-scalable infrastructure to push the boundaries of AI training and work in general.

Beniamin Mincu, PDG de MultiversX

In fact, between October and December 2022 alone, HUMAN Protocol workers completed over 250 million tasks! To cope with the growing interest and exponential adoption, HUMAN Protocol naturally turned to a Scalable Blockchain with a global community – MultiversX.

With nearly 30,000 transactions claimed per second by MultiversX, HUMAN Protocol intends to improve the transparency and efficiency of its protocol, while reducing its costs.

HUMAN Protocol aims to provide access to its ecosystem to as many people as possible around the world. With the community constantly solving more tasks (millions every day), the need for a multi-channel approach is more apparent than ever. Thus, we are thrilled to launch HUMAN Protocol on MultiversX, an extraordinary network with a dedicated community that we are more than happy to welcome into our own.

Andreas Schemm, directeur de l’écosystème et des opérations de HUMAN Protocol

The HMT token lands on MultiversX 

What would be the deployment of a protocol on another blockchain without the support of its native token on it? 

Therefore, users can now be paid in HMT (HUMAN Protocol Token) directly on the MultiversX network. The token will also be available in the xPortal SuperApp and on xExchange. 

If you’d like to get in on the action too, just go to the HUMAN Protocol app, create an account and choose the tasks you want to accomplish. We may have a guide for you soon, so stay tuned.