Huawei Cloud launches Metaverse & Web3 Alliance for blockchain in Asia

Huawei Cloud recently announced the launch of the Metaverse & Web3 initiative to drive blockchain adoption in Asia. The Cloud branch of the Chinese multinational has partnered with several blockchain players such as Polygon and Deepbrain Chain to carry out this initiative. The goal is to create a blockchain hub in the Asia-Pacific region by fostering cooperation and a community of users and participants. Huawei Cloud hopes to foster the digital transformation of governments and businesses around the world.

Huawei Cloud Partners with Key Blockchain Players to Launch Metaverse & Web3 Alliance in Asia

Huawei Cloud has spear the Metaverse Alliance and Web3 in partnership with blockchain players such as Polygon, Deepbrain Chain and Morpheus Labs. It was during a summit “HUAWEI CLOUD Asia-Pacific Partner Leaders Summit 2023” organized this February 23 in Bali, Indonesia. The objective of this initiative is to promote the adoption of decentralized technology in East Asia and to make the region a center of excellence for blockchain.

By collaborating with key blockchain players, Huawei Cloud hopes to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of Metaverse, thus offering new opportunities for economic growth and technological development. The Metaverse and Web3.0 Alliance could therefore have a considerable impact on the Asian region.

THE HUAWEI CLOUD Asia-Pacific Partner Leaders Summit 2023 is an exclusive event for major partners and customers in the Asia-Pacific region. This Asia-Pacific (APAC) Partner Leadership Summit was attended by over 100 Huawei partners and several customers in the region, such as China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.

Among the giants and partners of the Metaverse & Web3.0 alliance are notable players in the crypto industry, such as the blockchain-based AI computing power platform, Deepbrain Chain and Polygon.

How can the Huawei Cloud Metaverse & Web3 alliance transform the Asia-Pacific region into a blockchain hub?

Huawei Cloud, the cloud computing subsidiary of the Chinese technology giant, aims to make the Asia-Pacific region a blockchain hub through the Metaverse & Web3 Alliance 2023. By encouraging the adoption of this technology from distributed ledger in the region, Huawei Cloud aims to help enterprises improve efficiency and competitiveness. Blockchain applications are diverse, ranging from supply chain management and traceability to payments and smart contracts.

Huawei Cloud also hopes to strengthen blockchain collaboration and innovation by turning the Asia-Pacific region into a hub. This initiative will bring together companies and experts from different countries and business sectors, helping to strengthen the region’s position as a center of technological innovation..

Such a move could further boost blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption in Asia.