Rivalz Network ready to launch RIZ Airdrop for DYM stakers!

Rivalz Network prepares to launch its new $RIZ token! What do you need to know about Rivalz’s RIZ airdrop, the 2nd on Dymension for those staking DYM? Is it also possible to be eligible for the $RIZ airdrop without having staked $DYM?

We told you about the 1st airdrop for DYM token stakers recently with NIM network and there are still a few days left to get it if you’re eligible. Here’s information on the future RIZ airdrop whose value is as yet unknown.

I. Rivalz Network RIZ airdrop

I.A) Tokenomics of the incoming RIZ token

The tokenomics of the new $RIZ token are as follows (from most liquid to least liquid), according to the official message posted on the Dymension forum :

  • Airdrop : 5% – Available from launch
  • Liquidity: 7% – Same, fully available at TGE
  • Cash flow: 7% – Linear distribution, every month for 3 years
  • Ecosystem 40% – Same, linear monthly distribution for 3 years
  • Private Sale: 29% – Vesting varies according to the private sale, with an average of 3 months cliff followed by 2.5 years of linear distribution.
  • Advisors 5% – 6 months cliff, then linear monthly distribution for 3 years
  • Team : 7% – Locked in for 1 year then linear distribution every month for 3 years

Note that detailed information on tokenomics as well as advisors, partnerships and other support, will be shared in Q2 2024 so very soon. Some investors are already mentioned on the website. Besides, if you’d like a NFT Rivalz Alpha, you can after a few follow on Galxe.

You’ll still have wait a little to benefit from the RIZ airdrop, but what will it be used for?

I.B) Utility of the RIZ token on the Rivalz blockchain network

The $RIZ token is needed to pay gas fees on the Rivalz blockchain. In addition to the classic use case of transaction fees, this $RIZ token should secure the network across nodes, as well as monetising data exchanges and payment for AI applications. Now let’s dive into the project Rivalz.

II. What is Rivalz Network?

Rivalz Network is launching its RollApp on Dymension with the ambition of creating an AI and DePIN ecosystem. For the DA (Data Availibility) of the Network blockchain network, Celestia has been chosen, and the EVM standard will be used for smart-contracts.

II.A) Rivalz network rides the wave of AI, Data and Web3…

The Rivalz blockchain network focuses on the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Data and of course Web3 in order to foster the emergence of AI-based applications and agents in a modular and decentralized way. According to the announcement, more than thirty people are already contributing to the Rivalz project. Lots of buzz words, so we’re obviously very curious following this teaser. What projects and innovations will be deployed on this infrastructure over the coming months and years?

In concrete terms, what does Rivalz Network do?

Rivalz provides data infrastructure from artificial intelligence to serve a set of interoperable AI applications. This offer is available through the RX platform, the RECO collective and the RNET infrastructure:

  • RX, the platform that allows users to launch their own licenses linked to AI personality. For example, a celebrity could easily market AIs based on his or her voice, style, image, etc. Or offer AI bots, NPCs, AI companions or other automated AI agents.
  • RECO, represents a group of partners working together on the subjects of the Rivalz network, in particular: digital identity (DID), GameFi and SocialFi. In other words, the idea is to promote services and applications with a decentralised payment layer.
  • RNET, neural network infra and related AI applications and agents.
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Rivalz Network offer through the RX platform, the RECO collective and the RNET infrastructure

II.B) … and another buzz word, the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN)

What does DePIN mean?

DePIN literally means Decentralized Physical Network Infrastructure. We’ll be hearing more and more about DePIN because technological evolution is naturally leading us towards a wider range of possibilities thanks to blockchain. Compared to today, when almost all networks and databases are centralized, a technological movement is underway, spearheaded by the blockchain industry. Tomorrow, many networks will still be centralized, but many will also be decentralized, and both types of infrastructure will co-exist, meeting different needs. What’s more, both types of infrastructure are interoperable and communicate with each other.

What does Rivalz Network’s DePIN look like?

Two types of blockchain nodes will be available to contributors: validator nodes zNodes and storage nodes rNodes :

RIZ Airdrop, $RIZ, Airdrop RIZ, zNodes, rNodes, token RIZ, blockchain Rivalz, Rivalz Network, RIZ, RX, RECO, RNET, Coinpri, Rivalz, Rivalz network, nodes
Rivalz Network’s DePIN ecosystem blockchain nodes, whose RIZ airdrop is imminent
  • Validator nodes rNodes which requires the purchase of a license (sale of NFT to come such as Powerloom ?) secure the exchange of information on the DePIN network, especially data from zNodes.
  • Storage nodes zNodes can be set up openly by any contributor by making the storage space of their devices available. The RIZ token will increase the rewards received, in this case probably via staking.

In conclusion, if you’ve survived the buzz words and new terminology specific to the Rivalz Network ecosystem, you’re already ready for an extraordinary bullrun! And yet, I’ve spared you FHE and PII, which were mentioned in the announcement. Anyway, enough pleasantries, what do you think of Rivalz’s ambition?
We look forward to seeing how this new Rivalz ecosystem develops. In the meantime, we will of course keep you informed of the next steps in obtaining your tokens with the RIZ airdrop.