Coinpri To join The Root Nodes of Q in addition to currently being a Validator

In this post you learn more about Coinpri and our motivations to join the Root Nodes of Q. If you have any questions, feel free.

Root Node proposal

Coinpri is a crypto media based in Dubai launched 1 year ago, currently available in English, French and Hindi. Our mission is to make the crypto ecosystem as accessible as possible.

Every month, several thousands of readers for all around the world (bust moslty the US and the French Market) enjoy the latest News, Guides, Exclusive interviews to inform and educate themselves in a fun way about crypto.

Blockchain is a technology that gives power back to everyone, we are here to make it simple to understand.

As an investor and validator of the Q Blockchain, our goal is not only to help its decentralization but also its democratization.

In order to perfect our vision of adaptation and decentralization, we are applying today as a Rootnode, and we are also officially launching the Qollective. The Qollective a website dedicated to our activities on the Q blockchain which includes community services such as RPC nodes, snapshots and guides.


Our public Root Node address is 0x08Cc588a4d445f5883dC6157aB366D240C3F5236

Commitment of Stake

I understand that I may collect rewards from acting as a root node in the Q system regardless of whether such rewards may be seen as arising from the Root Node Tokens.
In order to maintain in support of the Q ecosystem, we will use a fraction of those rewards to cover’s hosting costs (Q nodes and website), starting from when we begin earning root node rewards. We will provide accounts of how those rewards were spent.
In my role as a Root Node, I commit to accumulating a stake of 250.000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) Q Tokens (the “Stake”) and subsequently to maintaining the Stake before using any Q Tokens accumulated in excess of the Stake, with the exception of the aforementioned hosting costs for and its services.


  • Board and CEO: Gaétan LAJEUNE
  • Name of the Company: COINPRI-FZCO
  • Address:
  • COINPRI – FZCO, Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai DDP, Building A2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Registered Number: DSO-FZCO-12207
  • E-mail us if you have questions:

We look forward to your feedback, and do not hesitate to take a look at our other Article: “Web3 Governance, from Promises and Failures to its Future with Q“.