Japanese banking giant Nomura launches Bitcoin adoption fund

In these times of financial turmoil, Bitcoin remains attractive. To stay ahead of the curve, major banking institutions, like Nomura, are taking initiatives by launching dedicated Bitcoin projects, making it easier for institutional investors to access this cryptocurrency.

Nomura launches a fund dedicated to Bitcoin

At a time when the financial sector is in the throes of change, Bitcoin continues to stand out thanks to ever-increasing demand. To meet this demand, major financial players are increasingly integrating Bitcoin into their offerings. It is for this reason that Nomura, a prestigious Japanese investment bank, has launched a fund specially dedicated to Bitcoin for institutional investors.

Managed by Digital Asset Management, a subsidiary of Nomura, this initiative aims to provide investors with simplified access to digital assets. It aspires to be both a profitable and reliable investment solution.

The fund, named “Bitcoin Adoption Fund”, is a component of Laser Digital Funds SPC, an independent structure. To ensure the security of assets, Laser has joined forces with Komainu, an expert in digital asset preservation, co-founded by Nomura, Ledger and Coinshares.

Bitcoin, a safe and efficient investment for the long term

This new adventure is led by Sebastien Guglietta.

Bitcoin is at the heart of the profound metamorphosis of the global economy.

Sebastien Guglietta

Bitcoin’s adoption continues, and Nomura’s initiative is a clear illustration of this. And the Japanese company is not the only one to be aware of this! As a reminder BlackRock is also planning to introduce Bitcoin Spot ETFs for its clients in the near future.