Elizabeth Warren wears Satoshi’s colors on Capitol Hill!

In an unexpected move, Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her virulent anti-crypto rhetoric, took part in the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Bitcoin’s launch by flying a commemorative flag over the U.S. Capitol. Is this the beginning of a shift in her anti-crypto stance?

Senator Elizabeth Warren does an about-face on Bitcoin

For years, Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts, is a strong voice opposing Bitcoin and the crypto sector as a whole.

She has introduced 3 anti-crypto bills and made no less than 76 negative public statements on the subject. Presenting Bitcoin as a tool for crime and terrorism, she recently called for the creation of an “anti-crypto army”.

Yet, in a move that stunned observers, Elizabeth Warren this time publicly celebrated the 15th anniversary of the creation of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto. Via the Capitol Flag Program, his team submitted a request on December 18, 2023, to fly a flag on Capitol Hill saluting the “inclusive financial system” created by Nakamoto.

According to Bitcoin Magazine, this flag paying homage to “Satoshi’s success” did indeed fly over the Capitol. The date is not insignificant: since 2013, December 18 has been recognized as the ” HODL Day ” by the bitcoiner community.

The surprise flag event was organized in New York by Bitcoin Magazine and PubKey, a crypto media organization.

A change of heart or just a political gesture?

If Elizabeth Warren now seems to recognize Bitcoin’s inclusive potential, this about-turn raises questions. Is it the result of a genuine evolution in her thinking, in line with her historical rhetoric in defense of the underprivileged? Or is it simply a calculated political gesture, or even a stunt pulled by the Bitcoiner community to take advantage of the Capitol Flag Program rules?

Whatever the case, this move marks a strong symbolic turning point. Despite her virulent criticism in the past, the senator now proudly wears the colors of Bitcoin’s anonymous creator, paying homage to this inclusive financial revolution.