El Salvador invests in Bitcoin Developer Training

El Salvador is strengthening its leadership in Bitcoin adoption with the launch of CUBO+, a six-month educational program to train top Bitcoin and Lightning developers under the age of 25. This initiative follows an agreement with Switzerland to establish the first Bitcoin Embassy in Lugano. With CUBO+, El Salvador confirms its position as an innovative nation, ready to invest in the future by training a new generation of Bitcoin developers.

El Salvador gets involved in Bitcoin education

According to a report published this Wednesday by Bitcoin Magazine, El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office has launched a new educational program called CUBO+. The objective of the program is to train highly skilled developers on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

This program is the result of an agreement between El Salvador and Switzerland for setting up the first Bitcoin embassy in Lugano.

The program CUBO+ should start in May for a total duration of six months. Only students under the age of 25 will be able to participate and only the brightest in the university will be selected.

In addition, successful applicants will also be required to participate in the competition “Plan B Fellowship”, funded by Tether and Fulgur Ventures. Additionally, the Bitcoin Office clarified that the new educational program will be led by qualified Bitcoin personalities, whose names will be announced soon.

El Salvador embarks on training skilled Bitcoin developers

The program CUBO+ will offer courses covering technical topics related to Bitcoin, as well as distributed technologies such as Holepunch and Nostr. Selected students will thus have the opportunity to benefit from a high quality education.

Winners will also receive a stipend to cover academic costs.

The first two months of the program will take place in the form of online courses, followed by a two-week bootcamp with full-day intensive courses. The following months will be dedicated to online mentoring from top Bitcoin experts.

Finally, it should be noted that this educational program is likely to become a reference for other countries, which will follow El Salvador’s example in the coming days. This is all the more crucial, as El Salvador finds an opportunity to educate its population on the Bitcoin technological revolution. Indeed, recently, President Bukele announced that Bitcoin has boosted tourism in the country by 95%.